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Imperfect Thought:

   I have known Don for half of my life at this point. In the time I’ve known him I have gotten married, divorced, gone through several jobs, owned a home, and countless other important events of ones life. And during all of this time, I haven’t changed. 
   Where many people I know have had situations of their life change their observations and beliefs, I’ve used them to sharpen how I feel about them, not how they are observed. This can be viewed by some as incorrect. I do it because we shouldn’t allow the things that happen to us to dirty our perceptions. If we suddenly feel the murder of a child is even more improper only because we have children, then do we really feel that way or is it that we are applying it to how it affects us now? I think we should always see the world through others eyes and then step back and see how that view affects the world around us.
   This is mentioned because Don has recently asked me to do something which is against my core. He has asked me to stand out. I am, typically, shy in public spaces unless I feel comfortable. My comfort zone comes from friends and familiarity. When these criteria exist, I enclose myself in them and can appear comfortable to most. I am. But only when I believe I am in this secluded world. Don has however asked me to free myself up to the world.
   Don has asked that I be the “star” of a show. I’m still trying to grasp what the purpose of the show is. He’s told me. But when I apply this knowledge to me, I become guilty of that which I say others do. I become guilty because I do the opposite. Instead of seeing it as it applies to me, I deny the knowledge because it applies to me. The show is to be entertainment based with sprinklings of possible teachings littered throughout.
   The things that interested me was the creation of the show. The thought process and the brain storming. These aspects enticed me. The part that keeps me going on it is that, as I’ve said earlier, I’ve known Don a long time. He wants me to do a show. For whatever reason he thinks it can happen and work. I see it as he has asked me, his friend, to assist him in doing something he enjoys doing. As I enjoy helping my friends whenever I can, we seem to work this out just fine.
   Hopefully this works out well for both of us. I don’t know, and cannot possibly comprehend, where this will lead. I do know that it cannot possibly leave me in a worse position in life, so go for it. If someone hears it, laughs, and tunes out, then I can say that at least one person chuckled. If in this time it means that we can use it to focus on something besides the tedious moments of our lives, then that works too. And if by some means my secret plans for global/interstellar domination somehow happen and I can be seen as the greatest cult leader since Jim Jones, or heck, Jesus, then sign me up!
   Don, I hope we can get this right.

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  1. DonTheProducer 2010.12.04 6:40 pm

    Thanks man. I really do appreciate your insights to your thoughts. I think as men we are not used to expressing ourselves. Not that we want to be chicks mind you. But rather that we express the value of friendship beyond simply spending time with each other.

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