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Imperfect Thought:
Tis the Season…

I was entering Costco today to pick up a particular kind of Pistachio that I enjoy when I realized I had to park at the end of the lot. This isn’t a big deal to me so it isn’t uncommon that I do this. Before I made this choice however, I realized a few things about the holiday season which grate on me.

This observation doesn’t stand on its own. Nearly 10 years of experience in retail, particularly toy retail, made me realize that people in general are selfish during the holidays. I know to many people they think this is obvious but the irony sits heavily on me. The holiday season is meant to represent the gift of giving once you wash away any Christian aspect to it. It has evolved to mean non-denominationally that we should care for the persons around us and rejoice in giving to our neighbors and thus fellow man. This is where the gift giving and other notions present themselves.

While persons are wandering around stores and grabbing goods for other persons, they seem absolutely oblivious to the fact that they cut people off, stop in the middle of aisles, block general traffic flow, make messes, and generally treat their fellow neighbors with such indignities that you would question they consider you a person at all. I often wonder if they’re treating me with less regard than an animal.

Today, just before parking, several cars decided to just STOP in the middle of the road while waiting for a spot. Realize, for a moment if you will, that I am not upset that they chose not to move forward so they would miss the spot. I can appreciate how difficult it is to get a spot, as I have stated I parked in the back of the lot. The issue here is they stopped in the MIDDLE of the road. They did not pull to the far right as one should. Behind them, a line of seven cars all waiting to go around. Since this car stopped in the center of the road, there is no means to go around.

And this isn’t where the observation ended for this circumstance either. The persons who were “getting into their car” decided to hold a conversation with one another. This of course was important enough that they could not do this inside the car, but rather at the end of their car, by the now closed trunk. A few glances in our general direction did not appear to speed up the circumstances or information which was being spoken by these two women. Instead they seemed more annoyed by us, those held up by their talking and the middle of the road driver, for somehow gawking at their situation.

This sort of behavior traveled inside the store and became quite clear to me why I disliked leaving the house on the holidays. At what point did man in general lose sight of the fact that of all the situations where it might be the correct time to treat those persons around you with a bit more respect. I often wonder, though I am certain it was more than 100 years ago, as even the elderly have this reaction as well. Now living in California I can only assume my observation deals with natives, as Mexicans also pull these stunts. Stare at me some more, please, as I ask you to move so I can slip by you when you push your cart into the middle of a triple wide aisle long-ways. Please. Give me more of those dirty looks when I say, politely, “Pardon me sir.”

And while my journey into observing my fellow man proves fruitful with insight and thought to post here, I returned to my car “nutless” as they apparently no longer carry my favorite Salt and Pepper Pistachios. I had to settle on a combination pizza. Funny, at least the woman at the counter was more than happy to take my 11 dollars for the pizza with a half smile.

Let’s make a habit to observe the world around us for a minute. Remember for just a spell that those important things to us might well be important to others and take the time to respect everyone around us when we are in public. And if you’re a parent…

Beat your kid if he jumps into shopping carts and rides them around. I’m gonna be a senior citizen someday and I honestly am thinking of going Michael Douglas if I see the youth generation not becoming responsible by the time I’m filling out my AARP card.


3 Responses to Tis the Season…

  1. Don The Producer 2010.12.13 7:50 am

    They’re all animals! I mean that guy at Target got trampled by a bunch of animal shoppers. And what does he do when he gets out of there? He rests for a beat on the railing and then runs out to get his flat panel television.

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  2. zoe somebody 2010.12.14 9:15 pm

    I am not a fan of Christmas in general. I am an atheist. I abhor consumerist corporatism. Compulsory gift giving is frustrating. So hearing stories of stressed out people doing stupid things around the holidays is simply depressing.

    Sorry you are without nuts. But I think it takes balls to put yourself out there on the internet like this.

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  3. hurd4 2011.01.09 12:30 am

    i love how the pic is from target

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