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Episode 002: Will there ever be world peace?

Adam discusses if the world can ever achieve world peace. Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Il identified as global bullies! Socialism, a one world government and religion all in one show!

Length: 32 minutes
Special Guest: Just Adam and me!

7 Responses to Episode 002: Will there ever be world peace?

  1. zoe somebody 2010.12.14 9:08 pm

    The world world shtick was hilarious.

    And I agree, mostly. No world peace anytime soon. Major factor: religion.

    And yeah I am important enough to have two links 😉

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    1. The Adam 2010.12.19 10:45 am

      I am going to go so far as to blame two factions. One is a single religion of Islam (please hate me) and the other is easily Bullies.
      In this case those who fight in the name of Islam take the bully form anyway but the idea is that there is no reasoning with bullies. Money doesn’t solve the issue. Logic and reason do not solve the issue. For them the only answer is violent acts of aggression.
      There always needs to be a stronger force than a bully or they will never cease. It is in this that I believe in “speaking softly and carrying a big stick”.

      Aww yeah. -Adam

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      1. zoe somebody 2010.12.19 10:20 pm

        Islam, with Christianity at the least a close second. I defer to the writings of Sam Harris on this one. It seems like there is just something mind (logic) numbing about religions stemming from the angry desert god in particular.

        I think Sam Harris put it best when he said there is something fundamentally wrong with a world where the President (of the U.S.A) has to at least pretend to be a Christian and that same person who really believes can find a silver lining in the thought of the war to end all wars happening. With the apocalypse comes the return of Christ.

        Bullies though is an interesting addendum. Bullies are definitely a problem in creating a peaceful environment and I would suggest that this extends to most governments and large corporations. Indeed capitalism and it’s core value of competition spawns bullies in many forms (misappropriation of resources and capital) which is also a reason why we will not know whirled peas.

        I agree completely with “speaking softly and carrying a big stick”.

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        1. Don The Producer 2010.12.20 9:36 pm

          This is something that Adam and I discussed before but not in depth. I feel that Islam is definitely a very dangerous religion/political system because of the direct harsh language and intolerance to any other perspective. However, that doesn’t mean that all Muslims are ‘bad’. Just as many Christians in the States here choose which parts of their religion to practice and believe I know a lot of Muslims do as well and those practices may deviate from their religion but have peaceful intentions. But Islam itself is not peaceful mainly because of its intolerance.

          Why this is important to world peace? Because many in the name of Islam will kill and terrorize others and therefore the bully mentality is taking place. But this goes far beyond Islam as it takes place in many other faiths and beliefs aside from religion. “Can’t we all just get along?” will never work simply because there are assholes in the world. We must minimize the power of the assholes without taking away their basic human rights, unless through their actions they don’t deserve any.

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        2. zoe somebody 2010.12.20 10:12 pm

          I just find it so interesting that so many people refuse to acknowledge the dangers and damage that Christianity brings to the world. Islam is an easy scapegoat for intolerance because they are SO extreme and overtly violent. Even the Jews are guilty of creating terrible instability in an unstable region. Every religious group can justify their position with their religion, meanwhile the rest of us have to sit by (and duck) while the religious throw words, laws, and bombs and at each other.

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  2. zoe somebody 2010.12.20 10:14 pm

    I’m going to amend my initial comment by saying that while we may never know the whimsical Utopian concept of world peace, if we could somehow get rid of religion and the concept of all powerful god I believe the world would be idyllic by comparison.

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    1. The Adam 2011.01.01 9:42 am

      You place much blame on religions, Zoe. Religion itself is not the issue. The issue is people taking an idea, ANY IDEA, too far. Religion is just more powerful as it is meant to affect people at their core. When something is so potent that it makes you question self and can compel you to do things of any nature, good or ill, then it is something to be considered. By the same logic one could argue drugs of any sort (legal or otherwise) or simply trade could be a threat. Extremists in ANY ideology are the issue, meaning man itself is what stops utopia. And since utopia requires some form of trade to exist functionally, it’s a paradox in its own design.

      Those who place all the blame on religion are far too broad minded to observe the individuals who use religion as being at fault. Your logic is like stating that since firemen sometimes beat their wives then firemen are bad. MOST people who follow a religion, unless that particular religion demands otherwise, are fairly peaceful and accepting. Just because they believe you will go to hell doesn’t mean they WISH you do so.

      And let me also inform you that those who are without religion push upon me much worse things than a flier under my door mat, I can assure you.
      -The Adam

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