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Episode 004: Are we alone? Aliens!

Are we alone? Are we the only intelligent creatures in the universe? What’s up with all the anal probes and cattle mutilations? Space travel, worm holes and ancient ‘alien’ pyramids are what this show is about!

Length: 32 minutes
Special Guest: Don The Producer and Adam of course; and maybe your mom.

15 Responses to Episode 004: Are we alone? Aliens!

  1. The Adam 2010.12.19 1:46 am

    Really, it had to be THAT kind of alien? You couldn’t have found a common Jeff Bridges photo? haha. -Adam

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    1. zoe somebody 2010.12.19 1:55 am

      But those are the REAL aliens. I was the at the UFO convention in Roswell. It’s real!

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      1. Don The Producer 2010.12.20 9:38 pm

        Yeah man, we gotta talk about Roswell. What about all those experimental aircraft in that desert military base. Is that alien technology?

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        1. zoe somebody 2010.12.20 10:17 pm

          Seriously after being there for the big 4th of July convention and sitting in on some of the more intense “backroom lectures” (honestly I felt like I was in episode of the X-files) it was pretty apparent that it’s all a big hoax and people really do want to believe in aliens the same way people want to believe in a god.

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        2. zoe somebody 2010.12.20 10:18 pm

          More to the point, I think we underestimate the level of black ops research and development our government is capable of and interested in. I don’t think you need to be a conspiracy nut to recognize that.

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  2. zoe somebody 2010.12.19 1:54 am

    Kind of rambling to get there but I agree completely. We might as well be alone is the issue. The odds of sentient life existing in a way we could comprehend that could somehow overcome the vast distances in the universe at the same time period we happened to evolve on this tiny little planet are so infinitesimally remote.

    Regarding the starry night sky, I’ve wondered many times about how that awe inspiring sight contributed to the creation of myth and religion on our planet. By looking out into the universe as primitive creatures we couldn’t help but imagine beings greater than our comprehension. But now with the light pollution all but removing stars from the sky altogether and our modern journey into virtual interior worlds in our private home entertainment centers, how will the collective world view of the human species and our cultural structures be shaped in the future. We seem to be looking inward more than outward as a species and I am fascinated wondering about the next step for humanity and life on this planet.

    But life would be so much cooler if aliens were out there and would drop off some bad-ass spaceships so we could finally get of this rock.

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    1. The Adam 2010.12.19 8:27 am

      I don’t think it was primitive man who invented God by looking at the stars though. The thing that makes this so interesting is the moment that “GOD” steps into the equation, so does existance. The though process that allows people to question themselves means we’ve stepped out of that primitive form and are much more developed than we grant credit for. These weren’t individuals who stood up with the bone as in 2001.

      I personally believe in Evolution. I also believe in God. The two aren’t necessarily unrelated. In my mindset aliens, too, can fit into the equation. I think that if there are beings under the creation of a God, ANY God, then the moment we were old enough to question ourselves was the moment we were no longer “primates” or “primitive.”
      Even if there is no God, the stars themselves are lonely points of light from the uninformed viewpoint. To see them is to feel desolation in equal parts bewilderment. Knowledge of such things only deepens these feelings.
      I could go on and on (as you have heard) but I think the light pollution in the sky really takes away from people these questions which hit us deeply. Such an observation as the depths of the night sky have moved men to reach for the stars through every avenue of human endeavor. I hope some day we reignite this as thoughts of mine over the past few years have lead me to believe such things might be lost to us. Look for more of this thought process if I ever get to talk about Eisenhower.

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      1. zoe somebody 2010.12.19 10:06 pm

        I think we are at a bit of an impasse. I do not believe in a god and can only believe that (until further evidence is put forward) humans created all the stories on this planet including gods in all their forms. Some gods just happened to have better/scarier back/future story and in turn were better memes, enduring the centuries regardless of logic.

        As you stated in this show, I agree that aliens and god are related by an innate human desire for answers and comfort, but for me also in the sense that they are manufactured concepts in a desperate attempt to shake the fact that humans are a freakish and frail anomaly in an apathetic universe.

        I disagree with your assertion, “…the moment that “GOD” steps into the equation, so does existence.” This is exactly the circular logic that has contributed to the strength of the god memes. If anything I think you have it backwards. The moment existence (in this case the ability for a being to ask WHY, “god” steps into the equation.

        And this is the basis for the test post I made in the forum entitled, “Who make sky,” which was one of the best jokes in the Cartoon History of the Universe. A “primitive” man looks to the sky and thinks, “Sky is beautiful.” Up until this point everything had been pretty good. Man looks again and think, “Who make sky?” This is about the time everything started going wrong.

        That always stuck with me.
        And in that sense I agree with your statement, “the moment we were old enough to question ourselves was the moment we were no longer ‘primates’ or ‘primitive’,” but not the pre-supposition that, “…if there are beings under the creation of a god.”

        But I think we are in complete agreement that to fully take in the concept of the stars in an un-light-polluted sky is to touch the reality of the size and in turn the desolation you speak of. Though I get this feeling more looking at the ocean, probably because of it’s comprehensible vast finite-ness but inhospitably to human life. Somehow the starry sky fills me with wonder and hope in it’s allusion to the infinite.

        And I too hope for a day when resume our quest for human space exploration as well as your thoughts about Eisenhower. Because your thoughts are as important as space travel.

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        1. Don The Producer 2010.12.20 2:15 am

          Fantastic posts guys. This conversation makes me think about my own religious journey starting from a home where we really didn’t talk about god and then me joining a church in my teenage years only to leave a few years afterward. I dabbled with the idea of new ageism as well and finally ending up with the conflict of being torn in two different directions. Are we just a happenstance of nature or is there a creator? Is our existence guided and are there other beings out there who are guided as well.

          Honestly, after years of believing that I had an answer, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no answers. I have simply been living my life with a more narrower perception since having a wider perception of what purpose I had led me to a lot of torment and personal confusion. I haven’t lost faith in the sense that I will find these things out though.

          Back to life outside our world though, I think it’s a very distinct possibility. Have we been visited? Possibly, but space is so huge, but that’s not to say that we haven’t been observed by beings that can travel in other ways. These questions are always fun to think about but i suppose it never does any good to ‘require’ an answer, only toy with the idea of possibility.

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        2. The Adam 2010.12.23 5:29 pm

          Zoe, I think your bias is clouding your judgement here. When I stated, ““…the moment that “GOD” steps into the equation, so does existence” is a statement which is meant to be understood backwards and forwards. Meaning the two coexist simultaneously. It does not have to mean if you are atheist that GOD created the moment of existence. It could very easily mean that the moment existence is understood so does our “creation” of God.
          I do believe in a God, but my statement is not meant to serve only those who believe in God. It was designed to be universal. It is mentioned in this fashion because that is part of the topic.
          As for “when things go wrong” it is actually the moment man was granted both ego and comprehension. This could be when GOD granted it or when NATURE granted it, but both words can be interchangeable for all I care. It is mans arrogance, not the idea of God, which caused so much of the problems in the world today. We can blame an idea, but it is our chemistry which ultimately is to blame. We choose to give in or not. This could be argued as “God’s granting of free will” or “Science of Human Evolution” but regardless of what it’s called, it is there.
          We are indeed at an impasse but by no means are my goals to “sway” people but reinvigorate a thought process which I believe many people have decided to simply let fade away.
          Thanks for the discussion and hopefully we can get more of them from “other” readers who might, perchance, actually listen and take the time to put some input in.
          -The Adam

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  3. hurd4 2011.01.13 1:21 am

    the pyramids were created by a symbiotic race of aliens called the “Gould”.

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.01.13 11:38 am

      Is it sad that I actually had to look up this symbiotic race of aliens just to find out they were from Stargate? I’m also not a fan of siting Wikipedia, but these are strange times.

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      1. hurd4 2011.01.30 10:27 pm

        hahaha never post anything space related. star wars Stargate star trek get the picture?

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        1. Don The Producer 2011.01.31 8:37 pm

          Hurd. Because you are so awesome and our most loyal Leaguer; check out this site. It’s where you submit a gravatar so your pic will show up on our site (and others). Peace!

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  4. Don The Producer 2011.03.29 11:54 am

    Someone posted this on my Facebook. It claims that there are other worlds out there that seem to be able to support life.

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