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Imperfect Thought:
Which is better…

Not that many people here have offered any feedback as to whether they venture to this portion of the site but I will ask my own question here:

When I sign off on my posts and comments (as I do with all digital signatures through daily life) I sign with -Adam. I was struggling with whether or not I should sign that way or -The Adam for the purposes of the site. I shall ask the readers (or lack thereof) for the answer. If you have a suggestion as to which of these two is preferred, please let me know.

Sure, you can suggest OTHER forms and be TOTALLY useless, but this is your chance to make a difference in something I do all the time. Let me know and your answers will change my actions.



-The Adam

3 Responses to Which is better…

  1. zoe somebody 2010.12.19 10:27 pm

    The Adam

    If only because I like the idea of this site appearing higher in SERPs than “The Adam Carolla show”.

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  2. Don The Producer 2010.12.20 9:18 pm

    I thought about this one for a bit. I think in written word The Adam works, but in spoken word Adam fits nicely. Rolls off the tongue a bit more cleanly. We’ll get ahead of Carolla soon Zoe.

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  3. The Adam 2010.12.22 5:26 pm

    It is settled then…and by none of the listeners/readers no less. FANTASTIC.

    -The Adam

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