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Imperfect Thought:
Merry Christmas

There are people out there, and you might be one, who read “Merry Christmas” and think it’s a terrible thing to say to someone. There are persons out there who feel that, for the sake of political correctness, they should be saying “Happy Holidays” instead. To you I say, “Merry Christmas”.

I do not say this in spite. On the contrary, I say this because I may very well be in agreement with your reasoning if it was potentially feasible it caused an issue with the majority. I would be on your side if I thought that someone wishing me “Happy Hanukkah” meant that they were forcing Judaism on me. I would be on your side if I felt that someone saying, “Merry Christmas” to me understood that I don’t believe in Christ and wanted to smother me with their religion. I would even be on your side if I thought that Christmas today had anything to do with Christ as a whole. This is not the case however.

I grew up with the holiday “Christmas” and that’s what I celebrate. I grew up with “Children’s Day” so I enjoy watching kids play on May 5th as well and might very well wish your children a “Happy Children’s Day”. I would have no problem asking if they thought about making a Kite and flying it as well. I take no offense to any population who wishes me well on a holiday that they celebrate… except for the Satan Worshippers but that’s my hypocrisy, you live with it.

The problem here is everyone gets butt hurt over the things which are well intentioned. If you honestly believe that millions of people celebrate a day to trick you into changing your mind on what you feel about God, Christ, Evolution, Reincarnation, Xenu, or Smurfs, then you’re simply paranoid and delusional. Sure, there are people out there who feel everyone should celebrate Christmas. A much larger group would rather get together with family and celebrate their own traditions which emerged long after anyone actually stopped caring why the holiday exists. Some people might wish to convert your, sure. But many more care more about whether or not you’ll get to see your family during the season and what that is like for you so that they can share the tales.

I think people get hard-ons for the most ridiculous things. A persons holiday should not be one of them. If the spirit of the holiday is kindness, good will, and generally being a decent human being, then get off of the pedestal and have some egg nog with us. The way I see it is if a group like the Jews can hang out with Christians during their holiday then what does a Godless or Altnernate God person really care then? If you’re so afraid that someones holiday will “brain wash” your children into a different way of thinking, why don’t you just write to MTV?

All negativity aside, tomorrow is considered Christmas. I’m gonna stand on the limb and say that most people who are reading this are aware that Christ wasn’t born on the 25th of December, whether you believe he actually existed or not. I’m fairly certain we’re all aware that calendars change, dates have been added, and generally stand as symbol of when to celebrate such events and their meanings, past, present, or future. Many of us celebrate Thanksgiving and we intepret it’s meaning all the same, and Christmas is really no different.

So with that said, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I mean this from me to you. Enjoy your time and hopefully you will mark this as a day you can join your neighbors in something kind. Follow the direction of so many and, through action, bring some good will and calm to the lives of those around you. Chat it up about life and the joy of breathing. Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope to view your interactions in the near future.

-The Adam

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