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Imperfect Thought:
Available on iTunes…

For those few individuals who frequent our site, propagate. And to help you in this order, “Don the Producer” (not to be confused with the guy I work with when I’m entertaining a normal job) and “Zoe Somebody” have made our podcasts available on iTunes.

For those who do not use iTunes, we still have RSS feeds available as normal and we are working on the Zune Store as well. Apparently they’re all out for the holidays and won’t return our calls. You can still listen on the site and most definitely still post comments.

So thank you all again for participating in the League and I hope to hear more from you as the year evolves. I will be responding to several posts later this week. Thank you all for your meager support. Please give more. Beggars can very well be choosers. Now gimme a dollar…

-The Adam

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