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Episode 006: Why is medical insurance so f***ed up?

Why is medical insurance so f***ed up in the U.S.? What a loaded question! That’s fine though, we can find the real meaning of this question as well as a true perspective of medical care and health care in the United States. Does health care suck in the U.S.? How does it fare with other countries? Can you find a good doctor? What about pre-existing conditions? We also want to hear from you about “Obama Care” or rather that huge health care bill of 2010.

Length: 27:30
Special Guest: It’s us AGAIN!

4 Responses to Episode 006: Why is medical insurance so f***ed up?

  1. glowstrz 2011.01.05 6:24 pm

    Adam, from my understanding you can not create a group unless it is based around employment. Can you tell me where you found your research? Thanks!

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    1. The Adam 2011.01.09 6:53 pm

      I am glad this came up. Here is the way my understanding of how it went down.
      A few years ago there was a discussion of this very topic on a radio show I used to listen to. It was a medical based radio show. They had mentioned of a group of homeowners who had set up a sort of consortium. Now this was many years ago and much more importantly I had not delved into it very much afterwards.
      This is to say that the information may not be accurate. I myself am considering it false at this time until I can now prove otherwise. However, the question is still being asked.
      I am actually calling different locations to request if this is true or not. Unfortuneately none of them have answered the question in any regard.
      Most tell me it is not their field and there isn’t anyone they know to ask about whether or not a group can be created that isn’t a business. The other question which has to be asked is whether or not a “business” is one that makes money or if it’s an “association” of individuals, legally. I do happen to know that there are no laws pertaining to this and it may very well be up to the particular medical insurance provider you call, so I had several in mind and am trying to call as many (1800 mind you) as possible.
      The bottom line here is I will go on record as saying that the information may be incorrect now, but I am definitely trying to find out more so that it isn’t lingering. Consider this a flaw of my own as I am prone to them when I am thrown into a human setting (this sentence is for Don). I am actually glad you questioned the information and I wasn’t originally intending to “bring it up” during the podcast but sometimes I lose track of my focus.
      I will say this, the lack of a “group” doesn’t change that there is still insufficient evidence to prove that the system is “fucked up”. That is a topic for another post and another time.
      In the meantime I will endeavor to try and get more clear information from the health care providers I am calling, not just individuals who I know personally (who said they had heard of such things but weren’t certain themselves). From the literature online, many imply it is business only, but they do not outright state it is ONLY business. Omissions to me are just as important to question as statements themselves.
      Please feel free to question the content itself as I will honestly say I too am doing so. All information, once true or otherwise, should ALWAYS be scrutinized.
      Thanks for your post and hopefully more will follow suit. -Adam

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  2. glowstrz 2011.01.09 8:53 pm

    Thanks for looking into this info Adam. See, I am one of those awesome people who will forever be cursed (and I use that word strongly) as having a pre-existing condition. Several years ago I was very sick and got diagnosed with something that is now easily treated and I NEVER see the dr. The only cost which a medical insurance provider would incur is my medication which keeps me healthy.

    I am thankful that the meds work and I can continue on with my life. There are two issues:

    1) If I were to suddenly get laid off from work (which happens ALOT nowadays), and lose my insurance, I would be forced to buy my own. That is, if I wanted insurance, which I do. But because the medical insurance companies insist I have this condition, I have to pay high risk fees. This means that I would be paying minimum $500+ monthly just for basic crappy coverage. That is ridiculous.

    2) I am an aspiring photographer and sometime soon, I would like to make this my full time profession. But by leaving my “regular” job with group insurance and venturing out into the entrepreneurial world…with no employees, I would not be allowed on a group plan (like you get at regular jobs)…and would still be forced to buy my own super expensive insurance.

    So to me…that is just cruel and messed up. That is why I am really interested in what you had to say, so we shall see.

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