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Baked in a Pie? I think not…

I know little to nothing currently about the “phenomenon” which had killed a few hundred blackbirds. I actually am not completely certain they were in the hundreds or if they were blackbirds. I am under the assumption that fish may in fact be in the equation. I honestly can say that the little I know if this situation has to do solely with hearing it in passing while exiting my car and an individual at work mentioning it several times.

One of the notions which came up was the idea that, perhaps, a firework exploded in the path of these animals and simply exploded them out of the sky. The odds of this occurring are fairly high but it is completely feasible. After taking some time to explain how this MIGHT be possible, granted I know little about the ACTUAL circumstance, all I could think about was this.

If true, HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT! If a random explosive was detonated mid flight and ended up killing several thousand birds, I have to say that this would have been one of the raddest sights to see. This isn’t meant to be some grotesque statement. Sure, its “sad” a bunch of blackbirds perished. Whatever. Just think of the astronomical odds which would have had to of occurred in order for something of that magnitude to take place. The series of events which would have lead to someone detonating an explosive device above the ground at the same moment a flock of birds was taking flight and simply exploding them out of the sky…FUCKING AWESOME.

I have no idea if this is the case, but the notion that such a thing could occur is fantastic. I have no reason to post this other than it is simply amazing.

-The Adam

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  1. Don The Producer 2011.01.09 8:45 pm

    Aflockalypse is what the Internets are calling it right now. I love how the media blows things out of proportion and how the attention of a certain phenomenon will allow for ‘copycat’ and similar stories to come about. There’s even chatter that this is the biblical signs of the end times. And just like any new Internet happening (apocalypse or not), a Web 2.0 response; a Google Map of Aflockalypse.

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