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Imperfect Thought:
A Sound of Thunder…

I am unable to alter effectively my sleeping habits. I have always been prone to stay up ridiculously late and sleep reverse hours than I’m certain the human body was intended for. When in High School I just assumed it was part of that “teen phase”. Nope. Guess again.

So needless to say (ever notice how one less S and Needless becomes needles) I was up at 4:17 this morning playing some Xbox 360. I was in a party on live discussing some issues with friends across the world when I heard the most odd sound. It was a long sound which didn’t seem to have a normal pattern in it. It didn’t have a sound that was TOO familiar, but it wasn’t all together alien. I was reminded of a lightning strike but it was too drawn out and low in frequenty to be that. I then though of a human causing a ruckus and realized the pattern wasn’t fluid enough to be deliberate. I was perplexed as the sound continued for around seven seconds.

At some point I informed my friends to hold on. Investigating I shut off all the lights and turned on the back porch to see if someone had jumped over my fence. Maybe my fence was broken and someone was outside in the freezing cold hanging out in my back yard. After investigating I realized this was not the case. Shutting the light off I returned to my front door and looked outside the window. Gazing across the park, I saw a very light mist but nothing immediately out of the ordinary. Pulling away from the window I was uneazy and felt something didn’t “feel” right when I looked out. In my robe I walked outside.

Across the street in the park, I was drawn to the far left of the park. Lying there was a tremendous giant who had decided to come to his final end layed across the childrens’ play equipment. A tree had simply uprooted itself and fallen in the middle of the park.

Quickly I rushed inside to get into some clothing, not caring as to whether or not it was warm or not. I grabbed my backup LED flashlight and ran outside. My girlfriend followed. I approached the downed beast in haste, light drawn and my gold breathe initially blocking my vision.

The smell in the air was that of a downed pine tree. I almost forgot what it smelled like. This wasn’t like when I worked retail and would help in the tree lot. This was more of a smell that I remembered when I was young, living in the woods of North Carolina. Pine tree. Sap. The tree’s roots were completely pulled out. I found this odd as the roots were minor, not long at all. I was surprised it had maintained the tree this long. Not a single portion of the root was broken. Further up however, whole sections of the tree trunk were just broke completely.

It appeared that somehow the tree couldn’t take it anymore and the roots slowly were pulled up. Eventually the weight of the tree snapped under its own weight.

I surveiled the site and stood for a moment completely amazed. It draped over the kiddie playground equipment. Fortuneately it was just far too cold for anyone to have been hanging out in it. Thinking about it while looking around made me realize that on a summer night it would have been possible for someone to have slept in it like a couple or some straggler from the main road.

It was definitely startling to me when it occurred. The more I looked into the mayhem however the more I was interested. I attempted to wake up early this morning to get a picture of the once mighty colossus, but it was too late. When I woke up around noon they had already sealed off the location and started to “take care” of it.

Defintely an interesting event I might have simply slept through if I had normalcy in my sleeping habits. Thank my lucky stars I have terrible sleeping habits so that I could experience this awkward event.

Also, I wager that when someone time travels back and makes changes, this sound is EXACTLY the sound it makes. For a split second I thought about my recollected birth and made sure nothing had changed. -The Adam

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  1. The Adam 2011.01.09 7:34 pm

    I have not mentioned this before but Ray Bradbury IS one of my favorite authors. Fun fact. You can now continue breathing. – The Adam

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.01.11 12:08 pm

      “Recollected birth”? Are you saying you remember your birth? I remember that Ray Bradbury short story about the woman who remembers her birth and hates her mother for forcing her out of the womb. Is that what you are talking about?

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