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The Social Network

Minor Spoilers

Simply put, this movie is The BOMB! Setting aside my fascinations with creating massive web empires from the ground up, because we do have to be objective here, this is a great movie. I will also have to dismiss another aspect of this film. Word on the street is that the events in this movie are far from true. I say, who gives a shit? This movie is too cool and fantastic to say it’s bad simply because it isn’t true. The Social Network is an adaptation from the book “The Accidental Billionaires” by Ben Mezrich. Now Fincher and Columbia Pictures can wash their hands of any libel.

To be super brief, this movie is about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s rise as a social web entrepreneur starting as a geeky web designer at Harvard and his sudden escalation as being the creator of the largest online social network, and a billionaire by the time he was in his mid-twenties. What’s happened in between is what’s really interesting. A failed relationship with his girlfriend that leads to some embarrassing Internet smack-talk, purportedly stealing the idea of Facebook (called The Facebook back then), forming a business relationship with a friend and then later screwing him over by reducing the value of his stock ownership to a minuscule amount and being seduced by one of the most satanic characters in a movie I’ve ever seen.

The performances are awesome in this film. Jesse Eisenberg does a great job of emulating the nerdy and fast-talking Mark Zuckerberg (I personally feel that he didn’t hit Zuckerberg’s actual personality but it’s entertaining none-the-less). Armie Hammer does a great job playing two Winklevoss brothers with the aid of some very impressive CG (I had no idea it was just one dude playing these two guys until I looked it up after leaving the cinema). And Justin Timberlake is simply the damn Devil in this movie. Timberlake is always a pleasure to see on screen, he’s a great performer and takes his work seriously. His depiction of Napster founder Sean Parker is just too enjoyable. His smarmy attitude when handing Eduardo a check for his original investment in Facebook was bad ass!

The mood of this film is impressive. The editing is spot on. The cinematography depicts a dark world that Facebook may have emerged from. And the music is scored by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The electronic beats encapsulate the movie in extreme darkness with hints of technological marvel and inspiring themes.

On a side-note, I’ve heard some people say that this movie is very chauvinistic because it portrays women as either being bitchy or horny sex fiends interested only in selfish gain. I say no; the story is what it is. Do the filmmakers really need to alter the events simply to include diversity or to satisfy certain groups? Hell no! You would just be letting politics get in the way of art.

The Social Network is definitely a pleasure to watch. It hosts almost no heroes; just greedy and misguided kids with far too much power. And yet it’s all so strangely inspiring.

And for now, I’ll leave you with an image of the Dark Lord Mark Zuckerberg.

– Don The Producer

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  1. Cuff Button 2011.01.16 6:02 pm

    I know for fact that this bullshit is not The Adam…disregard.

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.01.16 9:59 pm

      Ah. It seems you have discovered an overlooked flaw in our reviews section. The author of the post isn’t posted! Indeed it is a post from me, Don The Producer. Good attention to detail and response as well will lead to higher placement in The League. Will be noted. Thanks Cuff Button.

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