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Imperfect Thought:
An old friend…

Many of the visitors to the site know me at this point. Some of you I have known for years, and some have only met the virtual me. Either way, many of you are persons who I feel are good qualitied people in some way, shape or form, or you can just go out and get fucked.

But seriously, the person I am today is a result of things that went on in my life. I’m no different than you when I write this blog, and the reflection of the things I see in daily life reflect back on me like a mirror. The things that shaped me in my life are no different than some of those which shaped you, or guided you in regards to “nature or nurture”.

I’d like to think that many of the tests in life I passed but I know of a few I failed miserably at. One was keeping in touch with specific friends. I have signed up for websites like Friendster, Myspace, and of course Facebook, in the past so that I might reconnect with persons who have shaped my life. Through the course of doing so I have met persons who continue to shape who I am today.

One person I wanted to find was actually a duo. A brother and sister. The two have always been on my mind for more of my waking thoughts than anyone from my past. I have always sought them with no such luck, until today.

I have found them which is really cool, but only to find that their lives weren’t as I had hoped for them. I sure wished better for these two who I have always thought well of. Nothing negative ever came from them to me and I had always wished that if my wishes could influence reality it would be AT LEAST to make their lives enjoyable. I know, sounds weird and sappy but that shit is true…so fuck off.

I’d like to say that just because our lives aren’t as they have turned out, there is always something to look at and smile. I’m certain even the most crappy of days can have a shining light in it, even if that day was years ago. Don’t use those moments to drift farther and farther down river, but use them as an anchor to reach that place you unintentionally left.

Sure, I’m great at giving advice, and look where it’s gotten me. But I would never say my life is the worst, and I can honestly say I’ve never met people with the worst lives. I know this much for certain: There are places I would rather be. And while there are MANY places I think are better, there are also countless places I would rather NOT be. In this I can find some hope. I won’t lose the things that make me who I am.

I hope that someday the persons who I sought that I have recently reconnected with can remember the things I remember that shaped who I am and hopefully use them as test to improve themselves. I still remember when grass didn’t itch. I smile twice at the thought. At least twice.

In otherwords, forget about any stupid shit I may or may not have done, and remember that while you cannot be 13 again, you can feel as old as you want for as long as you want.

But for fuck sake… Don’t buy a convertible to compensate.

I have said my peace. I said G’DAY SIR!

-The Adam

2 Responses to An old friend…

  1. glowstrz 2011.01.20 12:49 pm

    I too find it strange when you hear what people you used to know are doing, or up to and it isn’t what you thought of hoped.

    It makes me realize that choices in life really are important!

    Adam, I hope your friends are ok!

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    1. The Adam 2011.02.04 3:59 pm

      Thank you. They are okay, but it is still a shock to find that the world isn’t as you had hoped for some. As varied and obscure as the world can be, somethings you hope are sacred and remain that way.
      As it turns out, life is rarely as you expect, so learn to expect the unexpected for a tedious and boring life.
      -The Adam

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