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Update: Mirrors has announced that their debut album ‘Lights and Offerings’ will be released February 28th of this year.

Mirrors came to my attention when I watched the “Welcome to the new Myspace” promo video for their chunky upgrade to their website. “Damn that’s a pretty interesting sound! The hell is this? Is this an old song?” I was taken back to the early 1980’s with the distinct vocal style of Tears for Fears and a bit of Depeche Mode but with an updated electronic sound; not to be confused with ‘upgraded’ mind you. Myspace could’ve at least thrown these guys a bone by linking to their Myspace page or at least post the name of the band or song (don’t worry, I’ll do that later). Unfortunately, there was absolutely no information about the music I was hearing. It wasn’t until 4 days later that a kind soul replied to my post on the page about finding out the name of the band. “Mirrors” he said. And the song is “Ways to an End”. He even provided a link to their video. Thanks dude, you’re the bomb!

Now we’re talking. The reverberated vocals, harmonized synths, and catchy beat give it a spacey and powerful feel. These guys had five other songs posted on YouTube but this one easily became my favorite track. Listening to these tunes made me really want to investigate this band and probably purchase their CD. I know, it is very old school of me to actually purchase CDs, but I do this on principle for sending some cash to the band as well as obtaining a hard copy that can be duplicated over and over again for my personal various listening habits. Upon further investigations through the Internets I was hard-up to find ANY info on an album whatsoever. Nothing on Amazon, or Zune and the same five tracks were available on iTunes. These guys just seemed too well produced and talented to not even have a proper website or album.

Here’s what I found; a Myspace page (myspace does indeed allow for a great platform for musicians), a Facebook page which features a ton of tracks and they’re all fantastic, and a Blogspot page featuring the Euro band’s travels, life events and what-not. One fan wrote on their Facebook wall posted “Album?” and the response: “Very soon! Not long now until we announce the date!!”. Fantastic, because I’d really love to hear more.

These cats, hailing from Brighton England, have produced an extremely nostalgic sound of the early 1980’s synth-pop while giving it a fresh appeal. The known tracks give us the distinct sounds of reverberated vocals and bouncy beats that changes throughout the track, as good music should take us on a journey. The surprise is the track ‘Of The Night And The Light And The Half-Light’ which is an interesting mosaic of synthesized harmonics and a delayed, muted beat with no vocals (I just received some communication with the band that this track will not be on their debut album but is actually an introduction to their live show). This is a good sign that Mirrors is not a one-trick pony and understands the artistic appeal of music and creating a sound of their own. You can bet that you wont be hearing the same kinds of songs over-and-over again as the tracks are unique among themselves. I often critique music simply by the way it makes me feel and Mirrors makes me feel big and powerful. The music is large, it moves and it’s simply amazing. The track “Lights and Offerings” comes to mind as well. This song will stay with me for a long time.

I’ve been waiting for this album for a long while and it’s nice to see a group of musicians with some real talent giving a nod to the past while looking ahead into the future. For now I’ll enjoy the couple of tracks purchased from iTunes and you can bet that I’ll be buying that CD when it comes out.

My Favorite Tracks:
“Toe The Line”
“Ways To An End”
“Searching In The Wilderness”
“Lights And Offerings”

– Don The Producer

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