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Episode 009: What Kind of TV Will I Have in the Future?

What’s the future of TV? People have been working on this for a long time since the Internet was a thing for the people. WebTV of the mid 1990’s comes to mind. So we got this question.

Taking the recent not so stellar introduction of Google TV into account. Who do you see the front runners to get it right when it comes to IP delivery of video to my living room big screen?

Thanks for the long winded question. Just kidding, we love you Mike, and better yet we love your question 🙂 So who is going to come out on top with the Internet TV in the living room? Google TV, Apple TV, Netflix, Vudu, Boxee, Hulu, Roku, or even the game consoles like Xbox and Playstation? What’s the difference between these devices and services? And what the hell is IPTV anyway? Adam tells all. The death of cable TV, IPTV in other countries that is actually better than in the States and subscription versus advertising models. Holy Crap!

Let us know how you guys like to watch TV. Do you watch cable? YouTube? Hulu? Netflix? All of them?

Length: 31:00
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer

4 Responses to Episode 009: What Kind of TV Will I Have in the Future?

  1. glowstrz 2011.01.20 12:46 pm

    I love my Roku, but it has it’s flaws too. I think right now, everything has flaws. And you can never make all of the people happy all of the time. All I know is, I paid a flat rate for the box and the streaming content from Roku (including netflix) came free. I love it.

    Because the main reason I got the Roku was to watch streaming netflix, I never considered someone buying it for other content, but they can and it seems like a great option if they can’t afford cable/TV. There is lots of free content and some with minimal monthly fees. Pretty cool.

    Not sure who will come out on top, but all I know is paying $35 for like 19 channels on TV a month is BS or paying $100+ for more channels a month is just silly nowadays. Maybe if I made more money it wouldn’t seem as dramatic, but I understand the draw we are all having to other mediums of TV/content.

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.01.23 6:15 pm

      I really like the Roku box as well for all the extra content you get. True, everyone bought it for the Netflix and just happened across the other free stuff that comes with it. Like Adam, I’m digging my Xbox360 with Netflix. Rarely do I rent movies from Zune on Xbox but I do like the availability of all those movies. Two bucks to rent a standard definition movie is just fine if it’s not available on Netflix streaming. But buying a TV episode for two bucks is going to far, especially for dramas. Do I need to spend 2 bucks an episode for every episode for a single season? That’s a lot of cash for just one season! Cable will be dead, but not yet.

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  2. hurd4 2011.01.25 9:10 pm

    LAWL as you said “they listen to this while on face book” i was updating my status.

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.01.26 8:40 pm

      Word. I’m updating my Facebook status when I’m recording the show!

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