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Imperfect Thought:
I beg your forgiveness…

Dear Internets,

This week I have been quite sick. Someone in the microcommunity I call my life had decided it would be best if they transmitted a flu virus to me. Sure, this may have been through inaction, but inaction sometimes is just as important as action. I am quite ill still and it is difficult to even move around. I’ve taken more hot showers in a single day than there are days in the week… almost doubled.

Remember Internets, when you’re sick, suck it up and take the time off. I know I cannot even afford it but I sure as shit will not let something like this befall a person I sit next to daily, let alone the people I care for. So if you’re sick, stay the fuck home and rest. Drink lots of liquid that isn’t in malt or similar formats and rest easy.

Then be sure to complain about it when you feel better. Please, use this avenue to do so. I’ll be more likely to agree with you.

-The Adam

PS. Do not type “Stay The Fuck Home” in Bing Images search results. You have been warned.

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