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Episode 010: What would you ask FDR?

This has been the Mother-Of-All Questions for us. It’s been on the back-burner only because Adam dedicated every waking moment of free time to research the good ol’ Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Don’t get us wrong, Adam knows all, it’s just that he wanted to gather enough info to shoot this mother down. And we talk about those supposed similarities to Obama as well. James asks:

If you could ask F.D.R. one Q. what would it be?

So what’s wrong with FDR you say? Well, this crippled, cousin marrying, wife cheating, undercutting, buddy-buddy, blacksploitationist had a lot more going on than just being the socialist American revolutionist. Just kidding. We here at the Ask Adam League believe that all information shouldn’t be polluted and we do this so people can think for themselves and listen to Adam 🙂

So James, this “Infamous” episode goes out to you. Enjoy my friend.

Length: 31:30
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer

12 Responses to Episode 010: What would you ask FDR?

  1. james 2011.01.28 5:34 pm

    So I asked the Q., what would you ask FDR? Got 28mins of why you hate FDR, then finally the answer to my Q. was a silly “why did you marry you cousin?”

    You said you researched FDR, but any comment on where you learned this “information” was always “Oh yeah, it’s commonly know” or “just look it up”. I’m not going to argue if the information is correct or not. That’s something you need to do by saying where you learned it, when asked. It’s part of owning your opinion. but as long as you have such strong opinions about something and you cant site where those opinions come from, your being disingenuous to the history that you learned and the link it shares to your opinions about that some one. Then it just sounds like your talking out your ass. And Always stick to what we’re sure may be the facts and how they effect the situation at hand. Stay away from assuming motivation. Negative opinions about facts are great and fun to debate. Negative opinions about “assumed motivation”. you come off as another “Hater” with nothing to bring to the table.

    We get it FDR (DEM.) bad, Cousin Teddy (REP.) Good. So un-original. And your Q. at the end shows that you are not inquisitive about history or maybe politics as you sounded like you wanted to portray .

    Sorry to cut this short. Glen beck is about to come on, and still haven’t jerked off to Palin yet.

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    1. Da Coconut 2011.02.01 12:38 pm

      Lol really!? You leave a comment completely butt hurt that he did not cite references. Why didn’t you just ask? In his response he cited one of them and I’m sure he would have given you more if you simply asked for it. Fit throwing is something that should be reserved for grade school.

      Something else I don’t get. You ask what HE would ask FDR. What HE questions most of the guy and his question isn’t good enough? It’s HIS question. You never specified in your question if FDR would answer truthfully or if he would answer like a politician. If anyone assumes the latter, any serious question would be useless. A good politician could sell you dog crap and leave you smiling with such pride in what you have gained. FDR was weird in his personal life, a descent president and a phenomenal politician. He really knew how to work the system.

      If you had a question in mind or was seeking something insightful, you should have rephrased your question to better reflect that. This is his take on this question. I would hope that you understand that not everyone thinks exactly as you do. Why FDR had sex with his cousin is a damn good question in my opinion. That you don’t agree to question that of FDR, kind of makes me question you.

      As for asking what one would ask FDR, why not have fun with it. It’s not like you would get an answer anyway. You know he’s dead right?

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      1. The Adam 2011.02.04 4:05 pm

        Damn Da Coconut, don’t make our guests cry. I am however appreciative that you got the question I would ask.
        Ultimately, I don’t care what someone will TELL me when asked if it is personal. They’re going to sell me a line even if they aren’t a politician. Sometimes this line is honest and sometimes it’s embellished. Sometimes people believe the lies the spout and sometimes they just outright lie.
        At the end of the day the things I want to know I can observe in the world around me. I prefer to use science to base my judgements on but will on occassion use intuition to drive me to a new question for observation.
        In the case of FDR, there was much he did, in my observations, which were based off of a personal want for power. Now what he wanted to do with that power MAY have been help people, it MAY have been to help himself. At the end of the day, it is up to YOU to decide.
        Given all I knew about the man and the questions I ended up having, it was really the “sleeping with his cousin” which had me question him the most. No matter how removed, you admit it is a relative and THAT is the thing that, unless from an ancient asian culture, I just don’t get.
        Also, thanks for the Text Message Coconut, I haven’t had the opportunity to respond to you and give you your “gift” yet. I will soon.
        -The Adam

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  2. The Adam 2011.01.29 9:48 am

    So let us recap. Disagreeing with James is bad. I could never have guessed that from the question initially. Who asks questions about what you’d ask the greatest Democrat in history? Let me take you down reality road here and I’ll show you what it’s all about.

    We did this show no less than 3 times. The first two times, nothing but boring, uninteresting facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The shit I’m interested in about the guy does not really make for entertaining audio coming from us to be honest. Then considering that, there’s STILL no question I’d ask the guy. Anything he’d have to tell me would more than likely be a load. I’m certain most modern era politicians would sell me used car.
    At the end of the day, here is what I have intended to do with the site. When asked to do this “gig”, my goal was to learn anything I can for myself and express it in a way which either has persons want to prove me wrong or much less importantly agree. People are much more prone to learn something when it grates on them in a way to strenghten their own opinions or beliefs. I am not a fan of Franklin Roosevelt. Obvious? My question now is does that mean I believe him to be useless? No.
    It is true I have expressed a dislike for this president. It’s also true much of what I said about the guy. What is NOT known to be true is the motivation, which I also do not generally play with. In a case like this, I’m sure even you can understand that’s where the fun lies.
    I by no means believe that FDR had a “New World Order” in mind. The mention of it was to deliberately put into the minds of people of just how fuckin ridiculous that sounds. I have no way of knowing anyones intentions, including Don the Producer, and any mention of it should be inherently understood to be in jest.
    At the end of the day I have always, and will always, love history and all of it’s expressions. I also will not ever care who believes things I say to be true or otherwise.
    As for “citing” sources, that’s just no fun nor do I care for it. And rather than run through the sources I had to read through, I’ll grant you some of the avenues I ran down. I ran through MANY encyclopedic websites (minus WIkipedia, I have a personal aversion to it). was a start for much and at the end I rendered, literally, 30 or so pages of notes which I then reread, requestioned, and sought new locations to answer those questions. I watched as many videos online (including netflix Biography series which has subsequently been pulled from streaming) and several sites dedicated to the preservation of classic speeches. I am actually still upset Vandenbergs speeches are more difficult to find.
    At the end of the day the amount of material I went through was large and ultimately useless to our conversation when recorded. We found it to be, quite honest, too much with little feel. In the end, we selected to go with a mix of common and uncommon knowledge. If you must know, I found his public image much more interesting than the man and his need for surrounding himself with persons who generally agreed with him. Sure, many politicians are guilty of this, but that doesn’t mean I like it.
    I’d also like to say I’ve seen a grand total of 2 minutes of Glen Back and mostly that’s because some media outlets have placed a dislike of him on the hours in which I pass through their channels. It’s nice to hear someone is giving him a purpose and a job. I just give a shit. As for your obvious next favorite, Rush, I find him to be too large headed for me to tolerate for more than the 5 minutes he’s on in my car because I hate switching channels after the Handel Show. Gratefully I’m generally in work before he opens his mouth. -The Adam

    PS. To Don the Producer: I slept on this one so I wouldn’t be an ass. That’s two I’ve given you on this one guy.

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  3. Don The Producer 2011.01.29 3:37 pm

    Two blow jobs. Ok, you got it Adam.

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  4. hurd4 2011.01.30 9:56 pm

    you forgot “the bonus army” thats what won 1933. also as for the blacks he totally ignored lynch laws in GA.

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.01.31 10:27 am

      Are you saying that the Bonus Army helped get FDR elected in 1933? And tell us more about the lynch laws in GA.

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      1. hurd4 2011.02.16 1:03 am

        When Hover sicked general Macarthur and tanks on poor unarmed WWI vets that just wanted their bonuses. it kind of sealed the deal for FDR.

        when FDR went to i think it was called Hot Springs GA. he fell in love with the area and bla bla bla, but he would not dare bring up or touch the lynchings and the Klan.

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  5. hurd4 2011.01.30 10:11 pm

    hahaha i got a shout out thats dope!

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