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Episode 011: Why can’t we swear on TV still?

The potty mouthed people want to know:

Why do we still bleep out cuss words on television?

Cuss words. Haven’t heard the word “cuss” in a long time. Still; what’s the deal? George Carlin gave us insight on the “Seven dirty words you can never say on television” and I can only think of two that are left.

Do we need to have censorship of swear words in TV, movies and video games? Catherine also alludes to the fact that we censor swear words but not seeing people get blown up. What’s the deal with censoring words and not violence?

As always unraveled in the Ask Adam League, we find that the world is a little more complex.

Length: 31:00
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer

5 Responses to Episode 011: Why can’t we swear on TV still?

  1. hurd4 2011.02.04 12:24 am

    i agree and i dont. i do think if i am watching Law and Order sometimes i wouldn’t mind an f bomb here and there, but i dont want to hear it on sat morning cartoons. like you say, context. oh and fuck is an amazing word it can be all parts of speach and make a syntax “fuck that fucking fuck”.

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    1. hurd4 2011.02.04 12:24 am


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    2. Don The Producer 2011.02.04 10:06 am

      Fuck is an amazing word, as we learned from Monty Python. Also, these swear words should only be used when they support a character or an idea properly.
      This is an example of over swearing.
      They use the word ‘fuck’ WAY too many times.
      I’m writing a screenplay right now and it’s interesting to be in control of my own content. In our script, we use a lot of swear words, but the reason for this is to establish how rotten the characters are, NOT to just be able to say whatever they like.
      So in response to the context that you are talking about, it makes total sense not to have the word ‘shit’ on sat morning cartoons. But I’ll be damned if I can’t hear it when watching Die Hard.

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      1. The Adam 2011.02.04 3:58 pm

        This is important to note. Context is of the utmost importance. In a script, I too could conceive that swearing would identify a “villain” or other shady character but it then has me question: Does the average person see this as well? It is almost as though at times we sink deeper into acceptance that we do not realize that it is generally an imappropriate concept to swear all the time.
        Fuck IS an amazing word, and a powerful one at that. To remove some of that power by using it all the time, you have to use it even more with less value to get the point across. The inflation of the word FUCK cost us the ability to use the word to rage.
        I hereby call that the overuseage of the word FUCK is single handedly responsible for road rage.
        I have spoken.
        -The Adam

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        1. Don The Producer 2011.02.04 4:08 pm

          True on diminishing the significance of anything that is used over and over again. I often think that this is true with pornography as well. Say that someone who is used to seeing the naked female body ALL the time might not be as impressed as someone who has never seen it.

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