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Episode 012: Should Gays Be In the Military?

Gays! Gays! Gays! The recent Obama legislation of abolishing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” means that the U.S. military will officially allow openly gay people to serve their country.
But why weren’t gays allowed in the military before anyway? And what was Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell about? Adam talks about the prejudices of homosexuality and how it effects people in and out of the military and how the military is NOT a corporation.

“Fuck that, CEO guy!”

Length: 22:45 Shorter Show!!!
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer

5 Responses to Episode 012: Should Gays Be In the Military?

  1. hurd4 2011.02.11 7:31 am

    i agree with everything said, but i fear how many good solders will get locked up on some hate crime shit.

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.02.11 10:42 am

      I found this military poll explaining the ‘decreased opposition to openly gay service men and women’.
      And the raw data here.
      These polls can be misleading though as the article says 3,000 active duty were questioned where as the raw data states other numbers. The numbers are small and we can’t know for sure how some service members will feel about working with gays. Since I’ve never been in the military, I don’t know how these people will really react and I’m sure the reactions would be just as varied as people in other groups. That’s why I agree with Adam in that the military should dictate the terms of the changing policy, not politicians.

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    2. The Adam 2011.02.12 10:54 am

      I feel you Hurd. I am less fearful because I do believe that many more are understanding and that when the old guard leaves, this won’t become an issue. It’ll just be something that just isn’t spoken about anyway. Joining the military you HAVE to understand you’re doing something bigger than you. As a result, shit like this becomes moot. I have compassion for anyone going through a struggle like this and wish them the best. I also have pride in my service men and women, regardless of their sexual orientation. At the same time, I realize the duplicity of life and the need to sometimes do things which seem counter to your wants because the world as a whole (not just your neck of the woods) will not bend. In the end, I believe in a few decades this issue wouldn’t have been an issue. Forcing it extends it’s life.
      -The Adam

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    3. Don The Producer 2011.02.13 7:53 pm

      Yo Hurd. You should get a gravatar setup for the site since you’re here so often. Check it out.

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      1. hurd4 2011.02.16 12:53 am

        everytime i try it wont let me so i gave up.

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