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Imperfect Thought:
Our Flexible Growth…

I haven’t posted in a while due to Don the Producer wanted to take a different route with the site. I still think the atrophy with one portion of the site is not the way to go…so I defy in this regard…

I recently wrote a post to something on and I found it as relevant to the topic on Kotaku as it is to many of the topics we discuss here on Ask Adam. I will share it with you now.

“Believe it or not, sometimes it’s about the restraints and what you can do with it. Humanity loves to follow a particular dynamic. First, we spread to the maximum space. How much can we have, conquer, develop. After that we start to refine our practice of such use of space. How do we make our time there efficient, responsible. And finally, the part that makes us grand, maximizing said use in a way that you wouldn’t have thought possible if you simply spread it all out. Finding the potential for things that were once believed to have been sourced out already. I believe it is a human directive. We all do it in our own ways, but how do we do it digitally changes how we advance once the boundaries are lifted. ”

What does this make you think of and do you disagree with it? This initially was a designed topic dealing with how consoles deal with development throughout their cycle, but I wrote it to be deliberately flexible as I feel it is something we unintentionally emulate throughout our growth (debatable by some) as a species. I’m curious what any readers of this think about this. Let us know. -The Adam

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