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Episode 014: How Should We Regulate Guns?

Bang Bang Baby! Ok, it’s not like that really, but is owning a gun a bad thing? Both Adam and I are in California and the gun laws are more strict here than in places like Texas, so it almost feels criminal to hold a gun. But should we have stricter gun laws or should they be less strict? Should it be a federal law or should the states rule the issue?
States rights, the constitution, personal responsibility, regulation and the real reason why people think guns are cool all come up with the question:

How should we regulate guns?

Again, at the Ask Adam League we examine the truth with a precision scope and a surgical shot at the heart of the matter. I know the metaphor is lame but I had to do it 😎

Length: 22:45
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer

9 Responses to Episode 014: How Should We Regulate Guns?

  1. hurd4 2011.02.27 11:20 pm

    i love fire arms and i love going to the range, but i dont think Joe down the block needs an assault rifle to go hunting. i also think the reason to stock pile and arsenal is none.

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.02.28 12:08 am

      Honestly, I had a ‘blast’ at the range lol. Still, I’ve shot guns before and always thought it was cool and a lot of fun, but I still felt like it was a big responsibility to hold a gun. As far as you talking about a stockpile, what do you think of me wanting to get a handgun? I’m looking at getting a 9mm Glock for protection. That’s not to say that I think I really need a lot of protection, but what if there’s some big disaster or something and I might need to protect myself or my friends?

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      1. hurd4 2011.03.03 10:49 pm

        I have mixed feelings on this subject. As a single man that lives in the deep valley (the ghetto) i do understand the want of a fire arm with stopping power, for i have been chased down by three cholos just for saying whats up, they were drunk, but i fear for myself thinking instead of run i would go all chon yun fat in hard boiled on them. than what one more black man in prison for murder.

        but if you are going to get a hand gun get something that will just put a big whole in them and not kill. like a 40 or a 45 XD

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        1. Don The Producer 2011.03.04 8:25 am

          A 40 or 45 is not going to kill? I don’t know much about guns but I thought the smaller calibers like 22 are more suited for non-lethality, if that’s possible. I asked my friend, who knows all about guns, about actually shooting a handgun with no ear protection since that would be the case in your chasing cholos. Would you pull the trigger knowing that you could actually kill any of those guys? Or how about the sound from a regular 9mm Glock that could blow your ear drums out?
          I like Chow Yun Fat though and I think we should learn how to kick ass with our hands, feet, knees, elbows and maybe even a bit of Jackie Chan ladders.

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        2. hurd4 2011.03.12 7:35 am

          well if you hit an organ yes of coarse it will, but mostly because the round is so heavy it will go in and out. a 9mm will bounce around the body. for example the round hits the sternum bounces off the spine and exits out the shoulder tearing everything up on the way.

          Normally someone must really want you dead to keep coming at you after a shot in the belly, that leaves a hole the size of a base ball.

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  2. The Adam 2011.02.28 12:06 am

    I am prone to agree with that. I gave it much thought about whether or not an assault rifle is really part of that right to bear arms. I have to say no. The right is simply to own arms but at some point you have to think about the safety to others. A gun like that is titled “assault” rifle for a reason. The offensive is by no means a defensive measure at that point. A handgun, in some cases a shotgun, can be used defensively. I just don’t see that happening with a 5.56. -The Adam

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.02.28 12:14 am

      I love how people start talking about nuclear weapons when they reference the ‘right to bear arms’. Like the constitutional right is given to the government and not the people.

      Still, a line has to be drawn somewhere and I have to agree with it being drawn just before the assault rifles since there is little need for them. But what I’m really afraid of is how easy it is for people to get a hold of non-lethal weapons like pepper spray, stun guns and all the other stuff that can knock a person down. All that stuff can do some pretty good damage to someone especially in front of an ATM machine.

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  3. Da Coconut 2011.03.02 3:25 pm

    I believe that handguns, shotguns and hunting rifles should be available for any qualifying citizen. Emphasize on “qualifying citizen”. I do like the idea of treating firearms in a manner similar to auto ownership. I agree with requiring classes and tests because I know that there are many out there that make little or no effort in understanding firearms prior to purchasing one. A firearm of any type is a heavy responsibility and one who wishes to own should be learned and tested on it thoroughly. I personally own a 9mm Glock. The test required for me to attain a gun handling license was a very simple 25 question multiple choice test. So simple, it was a little frightening. However, prior to taking the test I spent weeks researching not only different types of handguns but also safety procedures, mechanics, field stripping, firing stances, etc. I researched ammunition as well. What the difference is in grains (projectile weight), bullet types, +P, etc. I also talked with many active duty and retired Marines on the procedures that they are taught in dealing with firearms. It was over a month from the time I decided to become a gun owner to the time I felt ready to be a gun owner. I put myself through this because I knew at the beginning that I didn’t have the knowledge and training that I feel is necessary to own any firearms. I am not claiming that I know everything there is about guns and that is why I have the right to own one. I know that there is still much more that I can learn about gun handling. But at the beginning, with limited knowledge of firearms, I admit that I could not properly respect what they are. To own a firearm one really needs to respect what they are and understand the responsibility of owning one. If you make a mistake with a firearm, the possible consequence is one where there is no coming back from.

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.03.04 8:30 am

      I just read an article about how the shooters firing squad executions would have their rifles handed to them, some with live ammo and some with blanks. This was to help alleviate any anguish that the soldiers might have in knowing that they could have killed someone. If military individuals can feel this regret then you know any of us cats on the street would.

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