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Episode 015: Are Americans Getting Dumber?

There’s been some talk about how dumb people are. We’ve even heard people say that Americans are especially dumb. Rich might just one of the smart ones or maybe just a dumbass that thinks he’s smarter than the rest. But we gotta give him credit for asking:

Do you think Americans, as a whole, are getting dumber?

This brings up a pretty good discussion. Are people dumber than they were before and if so ‘why’ are they more stupid? We also talk about why it’s cool to be stupid and lame to be smart. All this stupidity could permeate the rest of society as well, i.e. academia, the media, journalism and even your dumbass kids.

It’s all Spicoli’s fault BTW.

Length: 30:50
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer

3 Responses to Episode 015: Are Americans Getting Dumber?

  1. hurd4 2011.03.03 11:31 pm

    as a child of the 90’s i know what you mean Don. i was in 6-8th and doing the laugh and saying “fire, fire” all the time. i thought the slackers were cool and hung out with the stoner’s long before i became one. i thought everyone was hanging out and letting life pass. than i realized i was/am an Idiot. i am trying to better myself but there are so many blocks its crazy.

    now i spend my time in class getting angry at the younger students. mainly because they remind me of myself.

    Adam, do yourself a favor and rent idiocrosy its one of the goodder movies on stoopeds peopleses.

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    1. The Adam 2011.03.17 2:04 pm

      I will attempt to put it in my list but it actually pains me to watch stupid things, even if it’s an attempt to mock it. Generally because they just look like they suck at mocking stupid people. Who knows. And yet I love Jason Leigh. I would do him. In a non-gay way. -Adam

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  2. Don The Producer 2011.03.06 12:39 pm

    Idiocracy is cool. Not a great movie but it’s fun to see what ‘could’ happen.
    I find myself looking at younger people and thinking how dumb they are and then immediately realizing that I might be turning into my parents. But then I’m like, “Well I was that stupid back then too!” 🙂

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