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I still laugh out loud…

I don’t really watch too many sitcoms on television. Something about the modern era humor which somehow seems too bland at times. I find much of the shows that fall into the time which I am able to watch simply don’t try at all to grab my attention. No loss I suppose. I’ll entertain myself… pleasure if you will.

But there was a time when I would laugh out loud at a particular show. This show has me laughing every episode. And now, thanks to Netflix, I am laughing out loud once more. 3rd Rock from the Sun still has me in stitches.

I’ve met many people who’ve seen the show but as of late only so many thought it was entertaining. Most recall that it was that show that had that kid who was in Inception. Others remember “the villain from Cliffhanger” is in that show. I have to question why you’d remember “Cliffhanger” and not the considerably more awesome “Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension” which is one of the greatest movies of all time! I’m a Blue Blazer Regular mofo. And how come no one remembers French Stuart as one of the dicks in Stargate? Probably because people think that the Stargate TV show was actually entertaining. Stargate Universe was rad… and I don’t care if you have Macgyver on your show, if it sucks even he cannot rig that bad boy to be entertaining.

What I find amusing about “3rd Rock” is that it takes the whole perception mentality to a new level. What would aliens think of us if they dropped in and were placed among us. Every episode I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen plenty, I will guarantee to laugh loudly at least once. It might be where the joke lingers for a while and before you burst they throw in a new layer. This occurred when Dick (John Lithgow) dyed his hair so that he could look “younger” (after learning about what AGE was and that he had to have a birthday.) He has a conversation with people while sitting down, the black of his hair exaggerated. After they milk the joke dry, and Albright mentions a squeaking noise, Dick gets up to reveal he was wearing leather pants. I cried.

The show borders a fine edge of ridiculous and deep. While the jokes in some regards seemed simple to some, the places they derived from required a perspective of deep observation. The little details taken for granted is where the gem of the show is for me. Add to this the fact that every character perfectly embodies some level of batshit crazy with a splash of brilliance and I fall for this show every time.

And the thing that gets me most of all, the first episode was still funny. Many shows end up having a sub par first episode and on occasion the first season. I find that somehow they had the magic from the very beginning. I’m actually most surprised that Joseph Gordon Levitt is actually such a fantastic actor so early on. I always remember him and John Lithgow stealing portions of the show. While this is not to say the other two (Kristen Johnston and French Stuart) aren’t funny and cannot hold their own. Lithgow and Levitt somehow highlighted the moments when they were needed.

The show is something I can watch when I want a good laugh. Whether it’s Lithgow talking to his sock, Johnston pulling up her shirt and talking about her femine parts, Stuart drinking gallons of poisonous chemicals, or Levitt figuring out what’s going wrong with his adolescent body, there’s always something to put a smile on my face and having me broadcast my joys.

-The Adam

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