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Episode 017: Is Nuclear Energy Safe?

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Is Nuclear Energy Safe?

With all the stuff going on with Japan and their nuclear plants in potential meltdown mode and now a plume of radioactive gas heading toward the west coast, how are we expected to think that nuclear energy is safe?

Adam discusses how nuclear energy works and safety precautions that nuclear technicians use. We talk about radiation poisoning and how it affects people and plants, iodine pills, Chernobyl and now Japan and nuclear disasters as a whole.

We even talk about Jimmy Carter! Was he a nuclear physicist or a peanut farmer?

Length: 25:00

Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer

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4 Responses to Episode 017: Is Nuclear Energy Safe?

  1. The Adam 2011.03.17 1:52 pm

    Follow up: Yes, he was a peanut farmer. No, he was not a nuclear technician. He received his bachelors in Science. That’s probably what you meant, right Don? -The Adam

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.03.18 10:10 am

      He subsequently applied, and was accepted, to participate in the nuclear submarine construction programme directed by Admiral Hyman G. Rickover. He took courses in nuclear physics and reactor technology at Union College, New York.

      So he wasn’t a nuclear tech. He just studied nuclear physics in school and worked in the nuclear submarine program in the U.S. Naval Academy. So I was wrong, but in the right direction. And he was a peanut farmer too.

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      1. The Adam 2011.03.20 9:31 pm

        All I read was Peanut Farmer. I am trying to emulate people I meet everyday. -The Adam

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    2. Don The Producer 2011.03.24 3:40 pm

      Right, he had a good understanding of nuclear technology from the submarine he worked on and some of the college classes he took. But you were more right than me. He was more of a peanut farmer than anything else. I just watched a documentary on the guy. He dragged his poor family back to that peanut farm after his dad died.

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