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Imperfect Thought:
…Oil, Vinegar, Salt, and Pepper

The world where we die may or may not be quite like the world where we come from. The question which has been asked for as long as man could process thought is what happens when we die. Is there a heaven? A Hell? Do we get to be cows and appreciated in India or become hamburger? This question is, and will always be, a question that demands and answer. Some people accept those answers, some people deny those answers, and others continue to search , futilely, for that answer.

That question, while important, isn’t the only one. I ate a delicious sandwich today. It was a hold over sandwich from yesterday. This sandwich my girlfriend bought me yesterday was so delicious and scrumptious that I sat on the couch afterwards reveling in the flavors. How simple a pleasure in life. Foods stimulate our senses, not just taste. They can take us to places, events, times, with each being a unique experience. But it isn’t simply foods that make life enjoyable.

The little things, it is said, are what make life worth living. I don’t wholly know about that, but I do know it is the appreciation for those little things that makes life interesting. How basic to observe ones humanity over the ingestion of a sandwich. Technically, several organisms were cultivated, gathered, and restructured to make a sandwich. Those individuals who made the ingredients have lives of varying sorts all across the world. And that is simply the direct components of the sandwich. The sandwich type itself has a history which encompasses generations of people, alterations, and experiences which makes life interesting. The inter-relationship between individuals makes the sandwich an amazing thing.

And all I could think about was how it made me feel. Somehow complete and sad.

Complete in that I had a moment of comfort for several moments as the mix of meat, lettuce, bread, oil, vinegar, and several other ingredients hit my lips like a symphony of delicious flavours dancing their ballet on my palette.

The sadness came from the most basic of thoughts. What if I should no longer have a simple joy of eating a sandwich? A question immediately presented itself with, “Well there would probably something better, right?” But even if this was the case, would that be right? Would it, or should it, be the case that there would no longer be such simplicity and complexity as that of a sandwich? Would sandwiches still be wanted? I think that at the end, it would be terrible if it weren’t. By human nature we want the opposites we attained. The poor want to be rich, or perceived rich. The rich take joy in simple pleasures. The prince and the pauper are one and the same. As living breathing beings, the specifics of what we want is complex, but the fact we want something is quite simple. When all is said and done and the world falls black, my only question at the moment seems to be…

Will there be delicious sandwiches when I get there?

Wherever “there” might be. -The Adam

2 Responses to …Oil, Vinegar, Salt, and Pepper

  1. Don The Producer 2011.03.27 8:40 pm

    Sandwiches are far too genius of an invention to simply go away. The fact that you can stuff any plethora of stuff that is held together by two slices of bread protecting the eater of any mess is an absolute delight. A sandwich can be as healthy or hurtful as well.

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    1. The Adam 2011.05.02 9:23 pm

      A sandwich is neither. The intention of the creator implies whether or not it is healthy or hurtful. Much like a needle, it is only as dangerous as the person who wields it or is careless about it. A sandwich is quite benign it its own right.
      The invention of a sandwich isn’t even genius, it is simple. But as with much simplicity, it can be complex when stacked against itself. A sandwich is a good start for the analogy to life. A layer of simple things stacked one atop the other. When something gets too complicated, it can be broken down again. Ultimately, everything is simple, but there is far too much of it to take in at once.
      A sandwich is like sitting outside on a Summer California day and counting the peaks on the Stucco wall.
      Huh!? -Adam

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