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Episode 020: Is Apple Ripping Me Off?

Is Steve Jobs a Thief? Is Apple stealing from me? We’ve got a concerned Leaguer, B Rocks DW specifically, that claims that his 4 year-old daughter has been running up a bill on his iTunes account. Is it a plot from the ‘evil’ corporations to gives us free software and make it super easy to run up a bill on game add-ons? Or is it developers just designing convenient software? We’ve noticed some pretty similar scenarios with Facebook apps and games on Xbox Live Arcade.

Length: 21:50 minutes
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer


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281 Responses to Episode 020: Is Apple Ripping Me Off?

  1. hurd4 2011.04.13 1:56 pm

    Yes they do, my friend Jessica fell in love with the show after the gamer episode.

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.04.18 10:16 am

      Once Adam is done saving the world in his other venture, we gotta make plans for you.

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      1. hurd4 2011.04.19 4:09 pm

        im game but i dont know how i can help.

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