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Episode 021: Are Video Games Good Or Bad For You?

Are video games bad for you? I certainly hope not cause we play video games every day. Adam’s 80,000 gamer score on Xbox Live should tell you how many video games he’s playing. In all seriousness though, the effects of video games on young people has been a concern since the early days of gaming. We’ve come a long way from Custer’s Revenge and Leisure Suit Larry. These days games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are far more realistic. We examine how realism in video games may be affecting people, violent games versus educational come into play as well. And in this episode of the Ask Adam League, we get to the heart of the matter of how video games can hurt or help, violent or not.

This article was referenced with the question from Catherine.

And I believe the documentary is called “Second Skin”

Length: 30 minutes
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer

318 Responses to Episode 021: Are Video Games Good Or Bad For You?

  1. hurd4 2011.04.19 4:43 pm

    I know when I gamed, I was playing splinter cell one and two and for almost two months I was walking in shadows. I never noticed it until my dad pointed out I was sneaking around the house. Wait south by south west is no longer indy music? What’s next burning man is a star trek convention?

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