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Episode 023: Which Captain is Better?

Space captains and other heroes.

Which captain was better on Seaquest? Roy or Ironside?

Sorry Hurd but we had to put a bit of a twist on your question and include other heroes. But no worries, the SeaQuest captains are well covered.
Heros, real or not, help us to dream for higher goals and provide a template for us to possibly be greater people than we are. And sci-fi captains undergo some very interesting scenarios. Commanding a crew through perilous situations, negotiating with strange beings of other cultures or even saving humanity altogether. Whether it’s Roy or Ironside, or Kirk or Picard; these captains help us aspire to greatness.


Length: 30:15
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer


220 Responses to Episode 023: Which Captain is Better?

  1. rice80us 2011.04.29 1:42 pm

    Hey Don the Producer,

    You guys do great work but you (Mr. Producer) needs to keep track on your Star Trek info. I am very disappointed in your knowledge. You really never saw the episode when Picard was captured by the Cardassian (ep. Chain of Command)? That was season 6. And Picard was stabbed by Nausicaans, not Cardassians, from season 7 episode Tapestry.

    Lastly, Adam is right. Sisko is the best and most human captain in all of Starfleet.

    Keep up with the good work. And get back to watching Star Trek.

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  2. Don The Producer 2011.04.29 5:40 pm

    I am truly disappointed in myself. The fact that I mentioned the Kardashians when I meant the Cardassians. It’s been too long since I’ve seen a respectable episode of The Next Generation (I have the complete 1st season but we all know how that season panned out). I loved the Next Gen, but now I’m feeling like I haven’t watched enough episodes.

    Otherwise, thanks for the kind words.

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  3. hurd4 2011.05.01 10:31 am

    hahahaha i love it and i hope i am ziggy

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  4. hurd4 2011.05.01 10:32 am

    oh you guys mind if i put you in a poem?

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  5. The Adam 2011.05.02 9:04 pm

    I haven’t posted in a while, I apologize to those who do listen to the site…
    What do you think Don? Hurd has been a great friend of the show, can he post up a poem? -The Adam

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    1. Don The Producer 2011.05.08 1:23 pm

      Absolutely, Hurd, I’ll email you.

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