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Imperfect Thought:
I’ve been walking down some busy streets…

Sorry to those few souls tortured enough to actually read my Imperfect Thoughts. I am at a point in my job where my free time is non-existent and my work time is all I can see. I write this update from my work as I wait for a new build to drop. Some day I can talk more about this sort of thing. It’s not super awesome fun-sauce, it’s simply contractual that I cannot discuss it at this moment.

With that said, I must commend Don the Producer for all the hard work he has done. Some of you may not know this, but I haven’t recorded a show in several weeks. Three to be exact. Don has done an amazing job with connecting some of our discussions into actual shows…or so I am told.

I have not left the site, fortunately for some and not for others. I just wanted to check in and let some people know what was up.

I’d like to return soon and inform people about my very brief experiences with new titles like Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat. These two titles are rather interesting for different reasons and I’d like to discuss them before they are too stale. They are two items from the extremely short list of things I have been able to do besides work, eat, and sleep. Hopefully all will be well for June 12th (launch?) and in some ways I am excited for my project to get out. Yet, when that project is closer to being finished, so too is my contract time. I feel quite split. I want my project to end to see it released and I selfishly can use the money it provides.

Life is quite complex. And speaking of complexity, I’d like to discuss the recent deletion of a rather unfortunate man on this planet, Osama Bin Laden. We can discuss this, hopefully, very soon. So I once again leave, hopefully for a shorter time than previously, and hope to see you all again.

Thank you for visiting, and take care of them Don. We need to record more…and I know it’s my bad. -Adam

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