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Imperfect Thought:
Well she cannot cheat if it is all women, right?

I was looking for images for an earlier post and I saw a rather interesting photo. It looked odd somehow with a watermark and so I followed it to a website. At this site, I found a rather funny site. Ridiculous I say. Ridiculous and grand! The notion stuck to me as too good to be true, as it should. But realizing that it was taking it to a ludicrous level, I kept reading. The site’s premise is that you can get a wife who is in prison for life or longer. Here, you marry her and essentially only meet her to have sex. THAT is crazy. But they have several more stops for this crazy train.

Continuing down that line of insanity, they have jabs along the site which clearly represent women as sex objects. In testimonials from some of their “clients” to the actual women who you are signing up to “marry”. One such testimonial reads, “I finally found a wife with the perfect amount of freedom and rights.”

The notion is harsh, but what makes it funny is that it borders on believable. Not in the sense that women don’t currently have rights, but more so in the sense that a prisoner could be used in such a manner. I have to say, it’s almost fantastic!

Sadly though, the site cannot be legit. There are too many holes. “Sponsored by the Governor of Illinois” is stamped on the bottom. You don’t use names when you fear retribution. Some of the personal ads themselves reference using rather illegal means to keep you happy as well. One lady said she would help you hide money in all kinds of places, which is all well and good until you find her reasons for being locked up are embezzling money. On the FAQs page alone, they mention how legal everything is, only to then suggest if you want to marry a non-lifer, you simply lie about being married on the sly. Nice.

I think the site is funny, but do enter at your own risk. My virus scan is quite grab happy on this site so be sure you have a secure line when you attempt. Remember not to put any personal information anywhere. I was curious and thought about sending an email to the guys and CCing myself (an option on the site), but have chosen against it. It’s a funny site though so if you want something to laugh at and long over…well… give it a shot.

Man, “penal code” and “lock down” seem much more interesting to me right now. -The Adam

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  1. Don The Producer 2011.06.22 3:52 pm

    Definitely a parody of eHarmony.

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