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Where to find how I feel about Israel…

I’ll be honest, as I generally am. I do not really know much about Israel. I have definitely HEARD a lot about Israel. I am not able to have a direct opinion on it as a whole however, and that has always been something of a concern of mine.

For me to have a proper opinion, I have to be informed. Generally speaking, you can listen to people, gather opinions yourself, dust them off, find where truth lies, and observe that to determine where you stand. It’s a difficult task, but over time it becomes easier. Even someone who is completely biased on a topic can generally give you information to add to your pot which you can later examine. I do not get that sense with information dealing with Israel.

I have many questions when it comes to the state of Israel. My questions do not really deal with recent events, but more the understanding of reasoning and focus of the location throughout the ages prior to our recent times. I’m curious why the US joined up. I’m curious motives of outside forces. I have many questions. Ultimately however, I have this feeling that I might never know the answer for myself and simply straddle a line.

I’ve heard many times that, “History is written by the victors”. If this statement is true, then why do we still debate the results of the Six Day War? Why is a day like “Nakba Day” celebrated at all? I do find it funny that a day “celebrates” something observed as catastrophe/disaster while calling for the destruction of a nation. Arguments can be made on September 11 for this, so please make them in a comments page cause I’d like to contemplate them if they are meaningful in any way.

I’d like to understand the deeper religious implications of why Egypt accepted the peace agreements and Israel granted the return of land whereas Palestine does not. Is it simply an ego driven response or was there more going on? Rather than jump on these answers I’d like to learn about them…someday. I find though that more and more the internet becomes a tool for me to find out what someone thinks about TODAY and it becomes harder and harder to find out what occurred yesterday. As news hits, more people rush to the internet to read it, and more of the old views which are important to understand as a path to where we are today get overwritten and run over.

In the end, I simply want to understand. And since I mentioned how today can overwrite what has occurred yesterday, I’d also like to mention I’m curious about North and South Sudanese conflicts as of late. Very interesting indeed. I don’t get to jump into information very often as of late, but these issues definitely had me curious. When I hear words like, “oil” and “Islam”, I question every time. It’s a bias I have I feel the world has earned, particularly when those two go hand in hand. Either way, that’s something of  a curiosity I had.

I cannot be on top of everything, but this doesn’t mean I am not interested in most things. I find people and their reactions to the world as important as the results they bring with those reactions. When you find what drives a person, you learn more knowledge about a person than you know how to handle.

Well, my bizarre, off-kilter rant is over. Time for me to return back to “L.A. Noire” and relaxing on this weekend. Have a great time reader…or readers… I’m sure more than one person accidentally clicked on this thinking it was interesting. Sorry for the disappointment. -The Adam

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