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Don The Producer says: Here at The Ask Adam League, we feature a weekly podcast where Adam answers your questions. Listen and basque in the awe of Adam’s wisdom.
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Episode 023: Which Captain is Better?

Space captains and other heroes. Which captain was better on Seaquest? Roy or Ironside? Sorry Hurd but we had to put a bit of a twist on your question and include other heroes. But no worries, the SeaQuest captains are well covered. Heros, real or not, help us to dream for higher goals and provide […]

Episode 022: Dreams No Higher – freestyle

Freestyle: This is a bit of an experiment of ours. A recorded personal conversation just between Adam and Don The Producer without an audience in mind. This is how we chat with each other. The conversation starts with mention of a friend of Adam’s who just saw one of the last NASA shuttle launches. Interesting […]

Episode 021: Are Video Games Good Or Bad For You?

Are video games bad for you? I certainly hope not cause we play video games every day. Adam’s 80,000 gamer score on Xbox Live should tell you how many video games he’s playing. In all seriousness though, the effects of video games on young people has been a concern since the early days of gaming. […]

Episode 020: Is Apple Ripping Me Off?

Is Steve Jobs a Thief? Is Apple stealing from me? We’ve got a concerned Leaguer, B Rocks DW specifically, that claims that his 4 year-old daughter has been running up a bill on his iTunes account. Is it a plot from the ‘evil’ corporations to gives us free software and make it super easy to […]

Episode 019: Mac vs PC

We examine another old rivalry, this time in the personal computer industry. Which is better, Mac or PC? Both Don The Producer and Adam have different points of view on this one. Can you guess which one likes which? Windows is the dominant enterprise and consumer leader by leaps and bounds over Apple, but Apple […]

Episode 018: Xbox or Playstation?

Xbox or Playstation. The old rivals were Nintendo and Sega but there has been a changing of the guard. Which is better Xbox or Playstation? That’s right! It’s Bill Gates versus whoever is head of Sony! Xbox is seen as the dominant online gaming console and Playstation as the establishment of power and future-proofing with […]

Episode 017: Is Nuclear Energy Safe?

Is Nuclear Energy Safe? With all the stuff going on with Japan and their nuclear plants in potential meltdown mode and now a plume of radioactive gas heading toward the west coast, how are we expected to think that nuclear energy is safe? Adam discusses how nuclear energy works and safety precautions that nuclear technicians […]

Episode 016: How Can I Increase My Attention Span?

Is there a way to develop a stronger attention span without drugs from a doctor? A damn good question and we have a damn good answer. Answers at that really. Adam provides some really good insight on ways that you can increase your attention span without any doctors or drugs. We also talk about kids […]

Episode 015: Are Americans Getting Dumber?

There’s been some talk about how dumb people are. We’ve even heard people say that Americans are especially dumb. Rich might just one of the smart ones or maybe just a dumbass that thinks he’s smarter than the rest. But we gotta give him credit for asking: Do you think Americans, as a whole, are […]

Episode 014: How Should We Regulate Guns?

Bang Bang Baby! Ok, it’s not like that really, but is owning a gun a bad thing? Both Adam and I are in California and the gun laws are more strict here than in places like Texas, so it almost feels criminal to hold a gun. But should we have stricter gun laws or should […]

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