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Don The Producer says: Here at The Ask Adam League, we feature a weekly podcast where Adam answers your questions. Listen and basque in the awe of Adam’s wisdom.
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Episode 013: Can Theft Ever Be Done Away With?

How’s that Utopian society going for you? Is everyone following that golden rule? Doing unto others what they would do for themselves? Hurd has a question that rocks the concept of a perfect society. Do you think that theft can be done away with in a society, if the abolishment of capital, private property, and […]

Episode 012: Should Gays Be In the Military?

Gays! Gays! Gays! The recent Obama legislation of abolishing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” means that the U.S. military will officially allow openly gay people to serve their country. But why weren’t gays allowed in the military before anyway? And what was Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell about? Adam talks about the prejudices of homosexuality and how […]

Episode 011: Why can’t we swear on TV still?

The potty mouthed people want to know: Why do we still bleep out cuss words on television? Cuss words. Haven’t heard the word “cuss” in a long time. Still; what’s the deal? George Carlin gave us insight on the “Seven dirty words you can never say on television” and I can only think of two […]

Episode 010: What would you ask FDR?

This has been the Mother-Of-All Questions for us. It’s been on the back-burner only because Adam dedicated every waking moment of free time to research the good ol’ Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Don’t get us wrong, Adam knows all, it’s just that he wanted to gather enough info to shoot this mother down. And we talk […]

Episode 009: What Kind of TV Will I Have in the Future?

What’s the future of TV? People have been working on this for a long time since the Internet was a thing for the people. WebTV of the mid 1990’s comes to mind. So we got this question. Taking the recent not so stellar introduction of Google TV into account. Who do you see the front […]

Episode 008: Are We Supposed to be Monogamous?

Some may ask, “I can only do the nasty with one person?” But Sheila puts it in a much more mature way: Are humans meant to be monogamous? Great question! We all remember those guys on Donahue back in the day claiming that they want to be natural just like in the animal kingdom and […]

Episode 007: Faith in Creation or Evolution?

Creation or evolution? My-oh-my this is one of the big ones. Here’s the exact wording of the question: Which do you think takes more faith: believing in evolution or believing God created the world, and why? Sounds like this question is more about faith than if evolution or creationism is true. But hey, we’ll take […]

Episode 006: Why is medical insurance so f***ed up?

Why is medical insurance so f***ed up in the U.S.? What a loaded question! That’s fine though, we can find the real meaning of this question as well as a true perspective of medical care and health care in the United States. Does health care suck in the U.S.? How does it fare with other […]

Episode 005: The end of pre-owned video games?

You thought we only took the largest question of humanity? Certainly not. But even the seemingly small questions of the Ask Adam League lead to very important answers. Are digital downloads, price of games and/or the economy going to kill the pre-owned video game market? Used video games for sale may be at an end. […]

Episode 004: Are we alone? Aliens!

Are we alone? Are we the only intelligent creatures in the universe? What’s up with all the anal probes and cattle mutilations? Space travel, worm holes and ancient ‘alien’ pyramids are what this show is about! Length: 32 minutes Special Guest: Don The Producer and Adam of course; and maybe your mom.

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