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Free yourself of ego and allow mine to make your day a little less ignorant. – Adam

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Don the Producer says: Make sure you ask questions about ideas.
Things like:

  • Should I vote Democrat?
  • Was the Civil War really about slavery?
  • Why do people continue to do bad things to themselves like drink and smoke?
  • Is it ok to use the word gay in a bad way? Like, “That’s so gay!”
  • Is there a God?

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I have graciously taken the time to allow you to see what greatness is. You'll not attain greatness yourself, but you can be sharpened against it by observing others as imperfect as yourself standing proud in your humility. Adam allows you to do yourself the favor of joining a community of lesser beings so that you might witness greatness in a way you'll never be stimulated with again.

Become one of the enlightened and join the League. Your brothers and sisters are waiting. I could care less.

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