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Green Lantern Movie Review


Adam gives us his take on Green Lantern movie, and it ain’t pretty. This tell-all walkthrough reveals everything wrong with, possibly, the Summer’s worst film.

Well she cannot cheat if it is all women, right?

I was looking for images for an earlier post and I saw a rather interesting photo. It looked odd somehow with a watermark and so I followed it to a website. At this site, I found a rather funny site. Ridiculous I say. Ridiculous and grand! The notion stuck to me as too good to be true, as it should. But realizing that it was taking it to a ludicrous level, I kept reading. The site’s premise is that you can get a wife who is in prison for life or longer. Here, you marry her and essentially only meet her to have sex. THAT is crazy. But they have several more stops for this crazy train.

Continuing down that line of insanity, they have jabs along the site which clearly represent women as sex objects. In testimonials from some of their “clients” to the actual women who you are signing up to “marry”. One such testimonial reads, “I finally found a wife with the perfect amount of freedom and rights.”

The notion is harsh, but what makes it funny is that it borders on believable. Not in the sense that women don’t currently have rights, but more so in the sense that a prisoner could be used in such a manner. I have to say, it’s almost fantastic!

Sadly though, the site cannot be legit. There are too many holes. “Sponsored by the Governor of Illinois” is stamped on the bottom. You don’t use names when you fear retribution. Some of the personal ads themselves reference using rather illegal means to keep you happy as well. One lady said she would help you hide money in all kinds of places, which is all well and good until you find her reasons for being locked up are embezzling money. On the FAQs page alone, they mention how legal everything is, only to then suggest if you want to marry a non-lifer, you simply lie about being married on the sly. Nice.

I think the site is funny, but do enter at your own risk. My virus scan is quite grab happy on this site so be sure you have a secure line when you attempt. Remember not to put any personal information anywhere. I was curious and thought about sending an email to the guys and CCing myself (an option on the site), but have chosen against it. It’s a funny site though so if you want something to laugh at and long over…well… give it a shot.

Man, “penal code” and “lock down” seem much more interesting to me right now. -The Adam

Where to find how I feel about Israel…

I’ll be honest, as I generally am. I do not really know much about Israel. I have definitely HEARD a lot about Israel. I am not able to have a direct opinion on it as a whole however, and that has always been something of a concern of mine.

For me to have a proper opinion, I have to be informed. Generally speaking, you can listen to people, gather opinions yourself, dust them off, find where truth lies, and observe that to determine where you stand. It’s a difficult task, but over time it becomes easier. Even someone who is completely biased on a topic can generally give you information to add to your pot which you can later examine. I do not get that sense with information dealing with Israel.

I have many questions when it comes to the state of Israel. My questions do not really deal with recent events, but more the understanding of reasoning and focus of the location throughout the ages prior to our recent times. I’m curious why the US joined up. I’m curious motives of outside forces. I have many questions. Ultimately however, I have this feeling that I might never know the answer for myself and simply straddle a line.

I’ve heard many times that, “History is written by the victors”. If this statement is true, then why do we still debate the results of the Six Day War? Why is a day like “Nakba Day” celebrated at all? I do find it funny that a day “celebrates” something observed as catastrophe/disaster while calling for the destruction of a nation. Arguments can be made on September 11 for this, so please make them in a comments page cause I’d like to contemplate them if they are meaningful in any way.

I’d like to understand the deeper religious implications of why Egypt accepted the peace agreements and Israel granted the return of land whereas Palestine does not. Is it simply an ego driven response or was there more going on? Rather than jump on these answers I’d like to learn about them…someday. I find though that more and more the internet becomes a tool for me to find out what someone thinks about TODAY and it becomes harder and harder to find out what occurred yesterday. As news hits, more people rush to the internet to read it, and more of the old views which are important to understand as a path to where we are today get overwritten and run over.

In the end, I simply want to understand. And since I mentioned how today can overwrite what has occurred yesterday, I’d also like to mention I’m curious about North and South Sudanese conflicts as of late. Very interesting indeed. I don’t get to jump into information very often as of late, but these issues definitely had me curious. When I hear words like, “oil” and “Islam”, I question every time. It’s a bias I have I feel the world has earned, particularly when those two go hand in hand. Either way, that’s something of  a curiosity I had.

I cannot be on top of everything, but this doesn’t mean I am not interested in most things. I find people and their reactions to the world as important as the results they bring with those reactions. When you find what drives a person, you learn more knowledge about a person than you know how to handle.

Well, my bizarre, off-kilter rant is over. Time for me to return back to “L.A. Noire” and relaxing on this weekend. Have a great time reader…or readers… I’m sure more than one person accidentally clicked on this thinking it was interesting. Sorry for the disappointment. -The Adam

I’ve been walking down some busy streets…

Sorry to those few souls tortured enough to actually read my Imperfect Thoughts. I am at a point in my job where my free time is non-existent and my work time is all I can see. I write this update from my work as I wait for a new build to drop. Some day I can talk more about this sort of thing. It’s not super awesome fun-sauce, it’s simply contractual that I cannot discuss it at this moment.

With that said, I must commend Don the Producer for all the hard work he has done. Some of you may not know this, but I haven’t recorded a show in several weeks. Three to be exact. Don has done an amazing job with connecting some of our discussions into actual shows…or so I am told.

I have not left the site, fortunately for some and not for others. I just wanted to check in and let some people know what was up.

I’d like to return soon and inform people about my very brief experiences with new titles like Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat. These two titles are rather interesting for different reasons and I’d like to discuss them before they are too stale. They are two items from the extremely short list of things I have been able to do besides work, eat, and sleep. Hopefully all will be well for June 12th (launch?) and in some ways I am excited for my project to get out. Yet, when that project is closer to being finished, so too is my contract time. I feel quite split. I want my project to end to see it released and I selfishly can use the money it provides.

Life is quite complex. And speaking of complexity, I’d like to discuss the recent deletion of a rather unfortunate man on this planet, Osama Bin Laden. We can discuss this, hopefully, very soon. So I once again leave, hopefully for a shorter time than previously, and hope to see you all again.

Thank you for visiting, and take care of them Don. We need to record more…and I know it’s my bad. -Adam

Episode 023: Which Captain is Better?

Space captains and other heroes.

Which captain was better on Seaquest? Roy or Ironside?

Sorry Hurd but we had to put a bit of a twist on your question and include other heroes. But no worries, the SeaQuest captains are well covered.
Heros, real or not, help us to dream for higher goals and provide a template for us to possibly be greater people than we are. And sci-fi captains undergo some very interesting scenarios. Commanding a crew through perilous situations, negotiating with strange beings of other cultures or even saving humanity altogether. Whether it’s Roy or Ironside, or Kirk or Picard; these captains help us aspire to greatness.


Length: 30:15
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer


Episode 022: Dreams No Higher – freestyle

Freestyle: This is a bit of an experiment of ours. A recorded personal conversation just between Adam and Don The Producer without an audience in mind. This is how we chat with each other.
The conversation starts with mention of a friend of Adam’s who just saw one of the last NASA shuttle launches. Interesting insights into human thought, ideas of individualism and motivation to be more than we have ever been before.
Is the compassion for space travel over? And with that, do our dreams languish to go no further than the surface of the Earth?
This may be our most inspiring episode or our most disillusioning, depending on how you perceive.


Length: 29:40
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer


Episode 021: Are Video Games Good Or Bad For You?

Are video games bad for you? I certainly hope not cause we play video games every day. Adam’s 80,000 gamer score on Xbox Live should tell you how many video games he’s playing. In all seriousness though, the effects of video games on young people has been a concern since the early days of gaming. We’ve come a long way from Custer’s Revenge and Leisure Suit Larry. These days games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are far more realistic. We examine how realism in video games may be affecting people, violent games versus educational come into play as well. And in this episode of the Ask Adam League, we get to the heart of the matter of how video games can hurt or help, violent or not.

This article was referenced with the question from Catherine.

And I believe the documentary is called “Second Skin”

Length: 30 minutes
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer

Episode 020: Is Apple Ripping Me Off?

Is Steve Jobs a Thief? Is Apple stealing from me? We’ve got a concerned Leaguer, B Rocks DW specifically, that claims that his 4 year-old daughter has been running up a bill on his iTunes account. Is it a plot from the ‘evil’ corporations to gives us free software and make it super easy to run up a bill on game add-ons? Or is it developers just designing convenient software? We’ve noticed some pretty similar scenarios with Facebook apps and games on Xbox Live Arcade.

Length: 21:50 minutes
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer


Review: Crysis 2


Crysis 2 on Xbox and PS3 looks interesting, but should I waste my time or go back to Call of Duty: BLOPS?

Episode 019: Mac vs PC

We examine another old rivalry, this time in the personal computer industry.

Which is better, Mac or PC?

Both Don The Producer and Adam have different points of view on this one. Can you guess which one likes which?
Windows is the dominant enterprise and consumer leader by leaps and bounds over Apple, but Apple has been gaining market share over the past ten years. So what does this trend mean, is the PC for your grandfather and the Macs for the young guys? Or is it the other way around? In this episode of the Ask Adam League we talk about interfaces, file indexing, industrial design, software, hardware, upgrading and all that geeky stuff. Even Linux sneaks into the convo. Ultimately though, it’s about the pros and cons of Macs and PCs.

Length: 28:15
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer

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