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    In this realm, I reduce myself to a mere fraction of perfect and emulate the human experience. Here you might perceive my thoughts to be closer to your own, though still better, in my attempt to take perfection down a notch and walk amongst you. Here, Adam becomes as human as you can observe.
    Now adore me.
    Simply put, the words Adam writes here to embellish the potentials of living an inferior life amongst the cognitive population.

    Don the Producer says: Basically, this is Adam’s blog.

    Well she cannot cheat if it is all women, right?

    I was looking for images for an earlier post and I saw a rather interesting photo. It looked odd somehow with a watermark and so I followed it to a website. At this site, I found a rather funny site. Ridiculous I say. Ridiculous and grand! The notion stuck to me as too good […]

    Where to find how I feel about Israel…

    I’ll be honest, as I generally am. I do not really know much about Israel. I have definitely HEARD a lot about Israel. I am not able to have a direct opinion on it as a whole however, and that has always been something of a concern of mine. For me to have a proper […]

    I’ve been walking down some busy streets…

    Sorry to those few souls tortured enough to actually read my Imperfect Thoughts. I am at a point in my job where my free time is non-existent and my work time is all I can see. I write this update from my work as I wait for a new build to drop. Some day I […]

    …Oil, Vinegar, Salt, and Pepper

    The world where we die may or may not be quite like the world where we come from. The question which has been asked for as long as man could process thought is what happens when we die. Is there a heaven? A Hell? Do we get to be cows and appreciated in India or […]

    I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…

    10:45! This is what my mind screamed in the half a second after my alarm went off. 1045! I was going to be late for work. I need to be at work at 9! How did I let my alarm go off at the wrong time? This stupid alarm was set for yesterday’s time when […]

    I still laugh out loud…

    I don’t really watch too many sitcoms on television. Something about the modern era humor which somehow seems too bland at times. I find much of the shows that fall into the time which I am able to watch simply don’t try at all to grab my attention. No loss I suppose. I’ll entertain myself… […]

    Our Flexible Growth…

    I haven’t posted in a while due to Don the Producer wanted to take a different route with the site. I still think the atrophy with one portion of the site is not the way to go…so I defy in this regard… I recently wrote a post to something on and I found it […]

    I beg your forgiveness…

    Dear Internets, This week I have been quite sick. Someone in the microcommunity I call my life had decided it would be best if they transmitted a flu virus to me. Sure, this may have been through inaction, but inaction sometimes is just as important as action. I am quite ill still and it is […]

    An old friend…

    Many of the visitors to the site know me at this point. Some of you I have known for years, and some have only met the virtual me. Either way, many of you are persons who I feel are good qualitied people in some way, shape or form, or you can just go out and […]

    An Unstable Platform…

    Jeeps. Who in their right mind has a jeep? This is a rhetorical question because the answer is no one. I look at a jeep and my mind nearly ruptures. A box, generally appearing to be taller than it is wide or long, with four wheels snuggly fitting underneath the boxed shape. I know no […]

    A Sound of Thunder…

    I am unable to alter effectively my sleeping habits. I have always been prone to stay up ridiculously late and sleep reverse hours than I’m certain the human body was intended for. When in High School I just assumed it was part of that “teen phase”. Nope. Guess again. So needless to say (ever notice […]

    Baked in a Pie? I think not…

    I know little to nothing currently about the “phenomenon” which had killed a few hundred blackbirds. I actually am not completely certain they were in the hundreds or if they were blackbirds. I am under the assumption that fish may in fact be in the equation. I honestly can say that the little I know […]

    Available on iTunes…

    For those few individuals who frequent our site, propagate. And to help you in this order, “Don the Producer” (not to be confused with the guy I work with when I’m entertaining a normal job) and “Zoe Somebody” have made our podcasts available on iTunes. For those who do not use iTunes, we still have […]

    Kimjongilia and Dancing…

    I find that the knowledge I gain from watching a documentary is often more interesting to me than an entertaining movie. This can be dangerous though as I find a level of entertainment is necessary in order to allow myself to sit through some knowledge. Knowledge isn’t always fast to be assimilated and often times […]

    Merry Christmas

    There are people out there, and you might be one, who read “Merry Christmas” and think it’s a terrible thing to say to someone. There are persons out there who feel that, for the sake of political correctness, they should be saying “Happy Holidays” instead. To you I say, “Merry Christmas”. I do not say […]

    Which is better…

    Not that many people here have offered any feedback as to whether they venture to this portion of the site but I will ask my own question here: When I sign off on my posts and comments (as I do with all digital signatures through daily life) I sign with -Adam. I was struggling with […]

    Santa and Milks…

    Now that I’m older and know the REAL meaning of Christmas (running over people with shopping carts and being a dick to everyone because they might just grab the thing you waited too long to get) I am able to observe some amazing things about Christmas and particularly Santa Claus. When I was a kid […]

    Just like people…

    I recently took up additional work at my job. This work involved building PC’s and later became updating the studio to Windows 7. This process was a learning experience which was enjoyable. Much as with every learning experience, observations abound. One thing I saw, which was more humorous than it was true, was that the less […]

    Tis the Season…

    I was entering Costco today to pick up a particular kind of Pistachio that I enjoy when I realized I had to park at the end of the lot. This isn’t a big deal to me so it isn’t uncommon that I do this. Before I made this choice however, I realized a few things […]


    We here at the “Ask Adam League” wanted to wish those who stop by and listen, in addition to your families, a very happy Thanksgiving. And while some visitors and listeners may not be from the United States of America, we still wish you a great day. Don’t wait for a single day or season […]

    Toilet Seats

    ATTN Women: You are not a princess, a queen, or even special. You are, as you wish, like everyone else. When I choose to use the restroom, I must decide: Lid up or down. I have, at first observation, a 50/50 chance that the seat is in a position I need, or it is not. This […]


    I will not try and hide this fact: I require modern technology. As many of you may in fact be learning about me, I am a child of the modern era. I find it difficult to live day to day without the bits of technology we have grown to know and love. Recently my television […]


    When you remember someone, particularly someone in your life who meant anything at all, you can recall traits about that person. These are things that are particular to them that you might see in others. No one else has all those traits of that person. Maybe it’s the simple things like how they brushed their […]


       I have known Don for half of my life at this point. In the time I’ve known him I have gotten married, divorced, gone through several jobs, owned a home, and countless other important events of ones life. And during all of this time, I haven’t changed.     Where many people I know have […]

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