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hagiography (n)
hag·i·og·ra·phy [ hàggee óggrəfee ]
1: biography of saints or venerated persons
2: idealizing or idolizing biography

Lives are generally all the same. A collection of identical experiences set in different times. One life transposed upon another with names and places altered to make the common man believe they might be different. More important. Observe what you wish your life to be and relish in our own experiences and histories. Read about Adam and the select few who have been blessed by his presence. Here, you can almost believe Adam to be walking among you. I assure you, he wouldn’t consort to stoop so low, but at least he will allow you to believe he would. Learn about The Adam and the Don. Lives so outlandish that perhaps they are difficult for a human to believe. This is humorous to Adam as humans already believe much which violates the laws of logic and reason. – Adam

Graciously scribed by earlier initiates, the bios of Adam and the Don are here for the scrutiny of the less informed.

Don The Producer says: You’re feedback is greatly important to us. If you could spare the time for a quick questionnaire about the podcast, it would be much appreciated. We promise it wont hurt. Check out the Questionnaire here. Thanks!

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I have graciously taken the time to allow you to see what greatness is. You'll not attain greatness yourself, but you can be sharpened against it by observing others as imperfect as yourself standing proud in your humility. Adam allows you to do yourself the favor of joining a community of lesser beings so that you might witness greatness in a way you'll never be stimulated with again.

Become one of the enlightened and join the League. Your brothers and sisters are waiting. I could care less.

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