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Imperfect Thoughts

In this realm, I reduce myself to a mere fraction of perfect and emulate the human experience. Here you might perceive my thoughts to be closer to your own, though still better, in my attempt to take perfection down a notch and walk amongst you. Here, Adam becomes as human as you can observe.

Now adore me.

Most blogs you read are unimportant, like yours. This is the only blog you will need.

Well she cannot cheat if it is all women, right?

I was looking for images for an earlier post and I saw a rather interesting photo. It looked odd somehow with a watermark and so I followed it to a website. At this site, I found a rather funny site. Ridiculous I say. Ridiculous and grand! The notion stuck to me as too good […]

Where to find how I feel about Israel…

I’ll be honest, as I generally am. I do not really know much about Israel. I have definitely HEARD a lot about Israel. I am not able to have a direct opinion on it as a whole however, and that has always been something of a concern of mine. For me to have a proper […]

I’ve been walking down some busy streets…

Sorry to those few souls tortured enough to actually read my Imperfect Thoughts. I am at a point in my job where my free time is non-existent and my work time is all I can see. I write this update from my work as I wait for a new build to drop. Some day I […]

…Oil, Vinegar, Salt, and Pepper

The world where we die may or may not be quite like the world where we come from. The question which has been asked for as long as man could process thought is what happens when we die. Is there a heaven? A Hell? Do we get to be cows and appreciated in India or […]

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…

10:45! This is what my mind screamed in the half a second after my alarm went off. 1045! I was going to be late for work. I need to be at work at 9! How did I let my alarm go off at the wrong time? This stupid alarm was set for yesterday’s time when […]

I still laugh out loud…

I don’t really watch too many sitcoms on television. Something about the modern era humor which somehow seems too bland at times. I find much of the shows that fall into the time which I am able to watch simply don’t try at all to grab my attention. No loss I suppose. I’ll entertain myself… […]

Our Flexible Growth…

I haven’t posted in a while due to Don the Producer wanted to take a different route with the site. I still think the atrophy with one portion of the site is not the way to go…so I defy in this regard… I recently wrote a post to something on and I found it […]

I beg your forgiveness…

Dear Internets, This week I have been quite sick. Someone in the microcommunity I call my life had decided it would be best if they transmitted a flu virus to me. Sure, this may have been through inaction, but inaction sometimes is just as important as action. I am quite ill still and it is […]

An old friend…

Many of the visitors to the site know me at this point. Some of you I have known for years, and some have only met the virtual me. Either way, many of you are persons who I feel are good qualitied people in some way, shape or form, or you can just go out and […]

An Unstable Platform…

Jeeps. Who in their right mind has a jeep? This is a rhetorical question because the answer is no one. I look at a jeep and my mind nearly ruptures. A box, generally appearing to be taller than it is wide or long, with four wheels snuggly fitting underneath the boxed shape. I know no […]

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