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Here, Adam has allowed us to share our thoughts of the world of humans. Leaguers of the Upper Echelon post their Imperfect Reviews on the things, events and human practices that we find important to us.

Green Lantern Movie Review


***Spoilers*** Adam gives us his take on Green Lantern movie, and it ain’t pretty. This tell-all walkthrough reveals everything wrong with, possibly, the Summer’s worst film.

Review: Crysis 2

  Crysis 2 on Xbox and PS3 looks interesting, but should I waste my time or go back to Call of Duty: BLOPS?

Review: Battle: L.A.

Battle: L.A. When I first saw the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles, I couldn’t help think that this movie didn’t look too interesting save for the concept. Then a friend of mine had said that he read it was in some ways similar to “Black Hawk Down”. I was shocked to hear this because I […]

Who’s Watching the Oscars?

The Oscars. Tonight, February 27th 2011, the “world” will be watching as stars approach to receive their accolades and awards for their fantastic performances. The stars and actors of the classic films of last year will be in attendance to applaud the achievements of their “peers”. A self propelled train wreck of what is wrong […]

Grooveshark… Bite or Throw It Back?

From time to time you get an urge to listen to a particular song. Sometimes you just do not care about a genre or what others are listening to. Sometimes you have an urge to recall a moment in time, in your life, a feeling, and a particular song is just what you need to […]


Update: Mirrors has announced that their debut album ‘Lights and Offerings’ will be released February 28th of this year. Mirrors came to my attention when I watched the “Welcome to the new Myspace” promo video for their chunky upgrade to their website. “Damn that’s a pretty interesting sound! The hell is this? Is this an […]

The Social Network

Minor Spoilers Simply put, this movie is The BOMB! Setting aside my fascinations with creating massive web empires from the ground up, because we do have to be objective here, this is a great movie. I will also have to dismiss another aspect of this film. Word on the street is that the events in […]

Tron: Legacy

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Yo, Tron: Legacy, that movie that everyone’s been dying to see for 30 years! Finally the bugger has come out and to Disney’s dismay it’s gotten some ‘mixed’ reviews. Adam and Don The Producer lay down what’s really going on in this flick. The Daft Punk score, the use of 3D (and […]



I have graciously taken the time to allow you to see what greatness is. You'll not attain greatness yourself, but you can be sharpened against it by observing others as imperfect as yourself standing proud in your humility. Adam allows you to do yourself the favor of joining a community of lesser beings so that you might witness greatness in a way you'll never be stimulated with again.

Become one of the enlightened and join the League. Your brothers and sisters are waiting. I could care less.

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