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Space captains and other heroes.

Which captain was better on Seaquest? Roy or Ironside?

Sorry Hurd but we had to put a bit of a twist on your question and include other heroes. But no worries, the SeaQuest captains are well covered.
Heros, real or not, help us to dream for higher goals and provide a template for us to possibly be greater people than we are. And sci-fi captains undergo some very interesting scenarios. Commanding a crew through perilous situations, negotiating with strange beings of other cultures or even saving humanity altogether. Whether it’s Roy or Ironside, or Kirk or Picard; these captains help us aspire to greatness.


Length: 30:15
Special Guest: Adam and Don The Producer


  • Thank you for your time. Listen to the episode and complete the questionnaire at the bottom of the page. The fate of the universe is in your hands. Enjoy.