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Ask Adam League - Group: The Leaguers Open Discussion http://askadamleague.com/the-league/?group=3 Simple:Press Version 4.3.4 mecmillan on Cheap dresses may be a designer's one or simply from the regular brands http://askadamleague.com/the-league/general/cheap-dresses-may-be-a-designers-one-or-simply-from-the-regular-brands/#p29 General http://askadamleague.com/the-league/general/cheap-dresses-may-be-a-designers-one-or-simply-from-the-regular-brands/#p29 In terms of wedding dresses, you have to know their motif or theme color first.  Hence, buying of cheap dresses do not necessarily in bulk but by occasion, but the problem is the accessibility.  There are those you find it hard sorting through different department stores or boutiques just to find the right and cheap dress for the occasion.  Hence, wasting most of your time when you needed it the most.

Shopping online for cheap dresses might be the best solution you will get in times like this.  There are just about enough stores you can visit to find cheap dresses that you are been looking for.  These online shops offer a wide array of cheap dresses selection that comes in different designs, colors, and sizes.  Most of the trending and latest fad in fashion is also in display.  You cannot simply miss this chance rather than going through the old ways of shopping in your local boutiques or retail stores. Laughthat most people sustain to buy.  

However, this does not imply that you are buying low and substandard dresses.  These have quality materials as well, though sold in a low price due to sale or promotional activities.  Think of the advantage you will get when you shop online for cheap dresses.  Sellers and vendors offer a lot of discounts and sales and highly competitive prices for their products in order to keep up with the competition in business.  Savings is there for your own taking, all you have to do is make up your mind and start learning the basics on how to shop for cheap wedding dresses online.

In general, shopping online can give you so much in terms of savings, ease, and comfort in shopping.  Some of these online shops also offer to deliver their products in your designated address.  The only downside to this is not being able to do the actual fitting of the dress before purchasing.  NeverthelessFeature Articles, all is well especially when you get used to the methods and when you are well aware of your body size and figure of which dress suits you well.

Tue, 10 Sep 2013 23:42:06 +0000
The Adam on Who make sky? http://askadamleague.com/the-league/philosophy-religion/who-make-sky/#p28 Philosophy & Religion http://askadamleague.com/the-league/philosophy-religion/who-make-sky/#p28 Here's some food for thought. Let us pretend for a minute that man never "conceived" of God. Let us then assume, for the same of discussion, that he still ended up on this path. And let us, for just a moment, believe that religion was never the butt of any wars as it never conglomerated. Let us say this occured and the world somehow existed.

Then let us address humans in this world. For the world to have evolved to the stage we are at now, we had to be curious as a species in some degree. In this, we discover instances of situations and circumstances we eventually designate as "Science". In our search of "Science", and a means to express it in human terms, we ask several questions.

These questions are "Who","What",Where","When", "How", and "why". As humans, in a world where God never existed, we exist as a paradox. In this world, man has decided to sit still for centuries by either NOT asking the question of Why (then where did they get philosophy) or sitting on the question as it couldn't be answered.

I believe the conundrum here lies in the fact that you miss this important bit of information. This world cannot exists. Given that man has several questions they do not have answers for, we come up with one and whittle it down to find a much more acceptible and observable answer. Given all of that, God couldn't have NOT existed, and you can at least see the reasons for the concept of such things. Whether you believe in a God or not, generations and generations of humans who are designed biologically to construct meaning from our world would infact stop seeking an answer for a question that sits upon their minds and lips.


Whether you believe in God or not, any answer you give me or others will be just as valid. Why is something you cannot have answered no matter how often you ask, unless there is something with intention to answer. At the end of the day, when the lights go out, when you breathe the final breathe, this might very well be that ever present nudge on your core. God or not, I find the question VERY intriguing and enough to drive searches through the other questions of discovery. -The Adam

Mon, 14 Feb 2011 20:02:12 +0000
zoe somebody on There are too many stop lights/signs http://askadamleague.com/the-league/general/there-are-too-many-stop-lightssigns/#p22 General http://askadamleague.com/the-league/general/there-are-too-many-stop-lightssigns/#p22 You guys are getting off topic. I think we need some moderators with big sticks.

Mon, 27 Dec 2010 22:30:53 +0000
Don The Producer on There are too many stop lights/signs http://askadamleague.com/the-league/general/there-are-too-many-stop-lightssigns/#p20 General http://askadamleague.com/the-league/general/there-are-too-many-stop-lightssigns/#p20 Perhaps a MUST for Tron. But I didn't hear great things about it, just ok and good things. It made number 3 in the box office in it's second week. Not a good sign for Disney.
can you tell that I'm testing the html here?Yell

Mon, 27 Dec 2010 22:26:05 +0000
The Adam on There are too many stop lights/signs http://askadamleague.com/the-league/general/there-are-too-many-stop-lightssigns/#p16 General http://askadamleague.com/the-league/general/there-are-too-many-stop-lightssigns/#p16 I am putting a note here so that I can get to this. I have my opinions on it but it is rather early/late and I must see Tron tomorrow. Yes, MUST.

I believe my logic will somehow get to "why must you take life so fast" inasmuch as it will hit other avenues.

See, I said "hit" and "avenue" in the same sentence. Freakish.

-The Adam

Mon, 27 Dec 2010 11:09:51 +0000
zoe somebody on Who make sky? http://askadamleague.com/the-league/philosophy-religion/who-make-sky/#p11 Philosophy & Religion http://askadamleague.com/the-league/philosophy-religion/who-make-sky/#p11 I started this topic mainly to just the forum and finish skinning the fourm. However, after exchanging comments with THE ADAM on the Episode 4 podcast "Are We Alone? Aliens." where I mentioned the quote "Who make sky?" from the Cartoon History of the Universe I thought to turn this into a real forum topic.

THE ADAM asserts that there is a god (type/religion unspecified).

I don't believe in a god.

In the cartoon history of the universe a character looks to the sky and thinks, "Sky is beautiful." Up until that point everything had been going pretty well for humans. Then the same character in the next frame asks, "Who make sky?" And this is where things pretty much started going downhill for humanity.

As much as people make claims that religion is a positive force in the world I'm of the school of folks who think that religion is a wholly manufactured human concept  and that the end result of asking metaphysical questions as "Why the universe / Who made the universe" is the holding back of human progress and enlightened rational creatures by centuries if not millenia when all is said and done.

So in the end I guess this post is the first inevitable discussion about the existence of god, the ramifications of that belief, and probably a whole lot of hurt feelings, abusive language, and general insults. But I hope that The Leaguers are capable of engaging in these types of controversial discussions without devolving into such schenanigans. Because what the world needs more than a messiah is some rational discourse.

Mon, 20 Dec 2010 00:41:49 +0000
zoe somebody on There are too many stop lights/signs http://askadamleague.com/the-league/general/there-are-too-many-stop-lightssigns/#p10 General http://askadamleague.com/the-league/general/there-are-too-many-stop-lightssigns/#p10 I'm not sure if this is a global problem or just here in the United States but it seems like we aren't going to stop until there is a traffic control mechanism at every intersection.

I hope someday to write an entire article on this topic but thought I would post it here to generate some discussion (and perhaps some research for a future article) so I'm not going to get too deep into this but my supposition is this:


In our irrational quest for 100% safe environments AND finding new ways to generate revenue for government we are installing too many stop lights and stop signs to the detriment of traffic flow, calm/content citizens, and discouraging rational/logical/responsible thought.


In many cases I think intersections need no traffic control. However where traffic control seems a real necessity (or is desired) I suggest the following options:

  1. Get rid of all stop signs
  2. Where you feel you MUST have a stop sign put in a YIELD sign
  3. Start building more round-abouts and other alternative intersections
  4. Where you feel MUST have a stop light first put in a YIELD sign or alternative intersection
  5. Stop lights should have NO SOLID RED LIGHT
  6. Replace the solid red light with a FLASHING RED LIGHT

My reasoning is that people are perfectlly capable of determining if it is safe to move through an intersection. Of course not everyone uses that capability for a variety of reasons so for that reason alone I understand the need for traffic control at busier intersections. However, there is no reason to prevent people from simple coming to a complete stop and THEN deciding if they can proceed.

How often have you been sitting at a protected left turn waiting for the green light, meanwhile there is NO ONCOMING TRAFFIC? There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to proceed turning left if it is safe to do so.


I feel as though there are too many delays in vehicular traffic which causes tension on the road and only encourages reckless decision making (speeding, running yellow/red lights) creating an artificial sense that we need more traffic control. I'm not even getting into the need for better public transit or suggesting that people start riding bikes more here. And I'll be starting another topic about how terrible traffic cameras (stop light cameras, speed limit cameras) are. We just need to start finding more innovative ways to mediate traffic congestion and encouraging common sense responsible behavior if we want to maintain any semblance of a civilized society much less any concept of enlightened civilization.


That's basically it. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Mon, 20 Dec 2010 00:26:45 +0000
zoe somebody on Who make sky? http://askadamleague.com/the-league/philosophy-religion/who-make-sky/#p6 Philosophy & Religion http://askadamleague.com/the-league/philosophy-religion/who-make-sky/#p6 Really now would you stop arguing with yourself?Yell

Tue, 14 Dec 2010 03:35:39 +0000
zoe somebody on Who make sky? http://askadamleague.com/the-league/philosophy-religion/who-make-sky/#p5 Philosophy & Religion http://askadamleague.com/the-league/philosophy-religion/who-make-sky/#p5 What are you stupid? God made the sky.

Sheesh (first troll comment).

Tue, 14 Dec 2010 03:35:10 +0000
zoe somebody on Who make sky? http://askadamleague.com/the-league/philosophy-religion/who-make-sky/#p4 Philosophy & Religion http://askadamleague.com/the-league/philosophy-religion/who-make-sky/#p4 And that's where humanity made it's first big mistake.

So this is just a forum post to see what's a happening with the new theme I had to make for the forum. Still a ways to go before this thing would be considered done and tasteful but I think this is a good start.

Tue, 14 Dec 2010 03:34:39 +0000